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Rose McGowan reacts to journalist investigations of Tara Reade allegation

Actress and advocate against sexual assault Rose McGowan responded to reporting by Washington Post investigating a sexual assault allegation made against former VP and 2020 Democratic nominee for President Joe Biden.

Washington Post, alongside New York Times, NBC News and the Associated Press published reports detailing results of their investigations into the allegation made by Tara Reade, which resurfaced in March 2020 after she initially claimed instances of inappropriate touching in 2019.

* Out of several friends and ex-colleagues of Reade as well as over a dozen Biden staffers that were talked to, most do not recall any discussion of allegations; one recalls a complaint of inappropriate behaviour being filed, and says that the matter of a sexual assault was brought up, but has chosen to remain anonymous due to fears of impacting her personal security and business; and another remembers discussions of inappropriate touching that they talked about around 2007 to 2008, but not assault.
* Reade’s brother said she told him in 1993 Biden inappropriately touched her neck and shoulders; days after his initial interview, he said in a text message that he recalled her telling him that Biden had put his hand “under her clothes.”
* Reade said she raised the issue with several senior Biden staffers; none recall either even interacting with her or receiving a complaint of a sexual nature.
* Time's Up does not provide legal representation, but refers those seeking help to a list of lawyers they could consult. Lawyers have confirmed they spoke to Reade but did not ultimately take on her case.
* Reade filed a police report on Thursday; however, she does not actually name Biden in the report and the case would be outside the statute of limitations. Filing a false police report is considered a crime.
* Reade said a report was filed with the Senate personnel office; however, she also says she didn’t receive a copy of it and has been unable to obtain a copy since Biden’s Senate files are supposedly sealed at the University of Delaware.
* Reade cites a number of reasons as to why she detailed the inappropriate touching but not sexual assault in April 2019: she was not ready to talk about it; she feared for her own safety; and she received backlash for a series of 2018 posts praising Vladimir Putin (she has disavowed the posts and said they were intended for a novel she was working on).
* Associated Press notes that while they interviewed Reade in April 2019 when initially publishing the first wave of reports on women who detailed inappropriate contact from Biden, they ultimately declined to publish details of her interview then because reporters were unable to corroborate her allegations, and aspects of her story contradicted other reporting.
* Reporters have been working on this thread over the past 2-3 weeks, but have been unable to find corroborative behaviours that indicate other instances of sexual assault. Some of the reporters McGowan is criticizing, including Beth Reinhard and Alice Crites, broke the Roy Moore pedophilia news story.

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