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9 Youtube Channels To Teach You Something (FuN!) This Quarantine

Disclaimer blah blah blah I don't know the deep, dark secrets of the channels or people spotlighted here. So far, for now, they're just cool and teach you a little something more than 'nobody instathot is fighting nobody twitter user'

"We're the men, and here's the map."

Jay Foreman, a British dude who talks about the civic geology (is that a word?) of the British Isles.
Kind of like CGP Grey, but funnier. I totally expected this to be a straightforward channel until I kept watching and saw the odd little jokes.

"And I've never been a black woman, not even for an hour."
(The context is not bad, trust me).

ToonrificTariq, beause I can't be the only black person trying to educate ya'll about animation. The above is an almost hour and a half episode about The Proud Family - WITH Bruce W. Smith, the creator! It's not a straightforward talk, but an interview cut into a walkthroug.

"'I've been the most glorious hat model the world has ever seen....so I'm gonna take a break."

I'm no fashionista or have any sense of style besides "It fits.", but I really enjoy HauteLeMode.  I can't recommend any other fashion youtube channel bc this is the only one I watch. There's history and criticisms of modern fashion happenings. My personal favorite episode is this one.

"I used to toss the CDs around my room."

CompanyMan talks about those bastions of capitalism - companies! From big to small. It's more fun than it sounds. Slightly.

"They had this absolutely terrifying face character - Seriously - who designed this?"

Many of you probably already know Kevin Perjure, or Defunctland, who talks about defunct theme parks and attractions. And yes, he does talk about Superstar Limo and Action Park.

"Yes, this man has highly volatile chemicals under his suit, on the off chance there are some criminals he can use it on."

ComicTropes is like Atop the 4th Wall (Who you should also be watching), but the episodes are much shorter and focus a lot of the evolution of styles of certain creators and some random stuff that you probably never heard of.

"Now, there have been plenty of typos throughout history..."

If the voice sounds familiar, the owner is also Wendover Productions, where he usually talks a great deal about planes. But Half as Interesting, it's about 'things that are only interesting enough to fill 4 go 5 minutes, plus ad." Don't worry, they're still interesting.

"Tag us on instagram if you get this [a pancake flip] on the first try!"

I meant to put Future Neighbor on my post about food youtubers, so now I'm doing it here. Shout out to the one person on here who said this was their relative! Daniel and Katie have fans here!

*default iPhone Alarm blaring at 5 AM*

This is Paolo From Tokyo, a guy who follows workers around for a day in the life series. Anyone from housewives, to pachinko parlor attendees, head chefs, delivery people, ramen artists, and manga creators.

There's also much more, including tips on travel and general 'how to get around in Tokyo' videos.

src: in post.

What are youuuuuuu watching?
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