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The New HBO Show ‘Run’ Is Very — How Shall I Phrase This? —Very Horny

-"Puts this show through all of this unbearably intimate sexual tension and more, giving the rat-a-tat pacing and mysterious plot construction an eagerly delicious seasoning of potential energy."

-Reviewer says after watching the first 5 episodes, concludes that it's the horniest show on television that he has ever watched lol ok.

-Archie Panjabi also plays into the equation as Domhnall's ex love interest. (Shout out to the 10 Domhnall fans on ONTD!)

-"When one is horny, one’s desire is never fulfilled. It stays fiery, lit by constant physical churnings, a nagging itch that simply won’t go away (not even through, as happens in the pilot twice, certain “self-love strategies”). It is the desire, the potential promise of sex, rather than sex itself. And it walks a fine line between being “fun” and “frustrating.”

-"I call Run a horny show not just to be silly or attention-grabby (emphasis on just), but because it describes the engine of our central characters’ motivations, decisions, and thermometer-busting chemistry."

-"They haven’t seen each other in years, but the attraction between the two is rekindled immediately."

-"In fact, it probably never went away. It’s clear from the jump that Ruby and Billy find each other damn near irresistible, and that’s where that chemistry comes in."

-"The way Wever and Gleeson play off each other is natural, honest, and downright sexy."

-Says that their sexual tension is high, whether it's through close approximation scenes, breathing near each other, or darting their eyes near each other. Concludes that it's very hot.

Source: 1 I 2 I 3 I 4 I 5

ONTD, any favorite 'horny' shows?
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