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The View: Ty Burrell, Hot Topics

Panel is Whoopi, Joy, Sunny, and Meghan

ZOOM Into Virtual Hangouts

More behind the cut [Spoiler (click to open)]

Are you getting dressed to work from home? [you should!]. Panel talks about using zoom and facetime to stay connected. Meghan says if she starts feeling stir crazy, then she reminds herself everyone out there on the front lines, and how grateful she is to those people. Sunny drinks a lot with her g/f over zoom and they do a movie watch party. Joy likes zoom cocktail party better than having people in her house, tells jokes. Says she doesn’t like her g/f who overshares. Whoopi is doing nothing. She does her business and then gets off the line. A lot of people told her what she could do in her kitchen after her potato fiasco.

Hot Topic Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot Went to a Salon

She did a PSA, you better have a good %$%& reason to leave the house. Plays clip. Then she got a haircut at a salon, she takes her personal hygiene very seriously. Sunny is like, you see what we look like doing our own hair and makeup. Then she does this, thought it was despicable. Gel nails grown out, roots showing. Joy references Julia Roberts in Erin Brokovich [idk] but we can’t look like that on our own. How is T45 maintaining his Sun-in® combover. Meghan asks the same about Ivanka. Talks about being prematurely gray herself, doesn’t want to try home hair color, and drags the Mayor.

Hot Topic Bruce Willis and Demi Moore Quarantine Together

Shows photo of their families all together. Meghan would like to be locked down with everyone, comes from a large family, and is very social. Misses people in general. She’s really bored, does a lot of facetimes. Whoopi wants to do a virtual UNO game. Joy would never want to be locked up with Kellyanne Conway. Doesn’t want to be mean, and the new Barbie Press Secretary, or Sarah Huckabee. They never put a period at the end of their sentences, they must be paid by the word. Sunny is enjoying being locked with her family. They used to be so busy, they didn’t see each other as much, but now they’re learning new things. Doesn’t really get the Bruce-Demi situation. She has rage when she sees ex-es. But great for them. Meghan says no. Once you’ve seen her naked then break up there are no terms.

Hot Topic Couple Spreading

People are being called out for couple spreading. Meghan has gone out for walks, early in the morning. Tells story about guy walking dog, wanted a selfie, and she was like no way. Joy tells story having to go into middle of street to avoid other people. Stay inside or risk getting hit by a cab. Sunny goes on 5 mile walks, she lives outside the city. She’s into the masks. Tells story about family making their own masks, shows photo. Whoopi doesn’t like people walking behind her, if they don’t have a mask, then they sneeze. Stay inside or put on a mask.

Hot Topic Hooking Up On Lockdown

From Slate’s advice column. In lockdown with best friend, shared a Xanax, then hooked up. Whoopi doesn’t understand how Xanax led to this bad decision. They’re both in relationships. Panel talks about their bad quarantine decisions. Sunny is coming up with nothing, she’s with her husband, children, dogs, chickens, cat. Joy bought something (she shows it), she doesn’t know what it is or why she bought it. Meghan is eating garbage, she regrets that. Whoopi is trying not to eat all of her fave foods now.

Hot Topic Ty Burrell

He looks like Mr Potato Head with his eyebrows, glasses and mustache. Talks about saying Goodbye to Modern Family. His kids are more adapted to lockdown than he and his wife. Grateful for everyone on the front line. He has two daughters, ages 8 and 10. Wife has been homeschooling. He’s been fundraising for #TipYourServer. Tells stories about what they’re doing at home. Sunny asks about his two bars in Salt Lake City. TB gives more details about helping support his workers during the shutdown. SLC has the virus impact plus a few earthquakes a few weeks back. Structural damage took away takeout service for a lot of places. The bar and restaurant community is close and they’re working together to help each other out, with the charity. TB watched final ep with his daughters, who had never seen an ep before. Tells story. They were fake liking it, wondering if that’s why he’s been working the last 11 years.

Ontd are you hooking up with your housemate(s) while under the influence?

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