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The Pussycat Dolls Will Tour The US (Confirmed)

It's confirmed! The Pussycat Dolls (minus Melody) will be touring the US after their Europaen tour next year. Member Jessica Sutta confirmed that the group will be touring America.

She also opened up about the girls singing and not just being backup dancers: "I guess the biggest misconception is that we are just back up dancers. However, we just released an acoustic version of 'React' with just us and a piano. That dissolves that misconception right up. My band is full of incredibly talented and fierce women. There’s no misconception of that."

She also these tidbits about the tour in a new interview:

  • The show will be about an hour and a half long

  • Each of the girls will be performing solo music as well

So excited for this! It will be interested if they will all be performing new solo material and which songs Nicole will sings. Thoughts on this reunion? Do you think Nicole will actually share the spotlight with the other ladies this time?


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