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Inside Ryan Gosling's Life at Home With His Family

  • In what is pretty good timing after Justin Timberlake complained that "24-hour parenting is just not human," US Weekly has a look into the family life of Timberlake's nemesis Ryan Gosling!

  • Ryan and partner Eva Mendes have two daughters, ages 3 and 5, and have no nannies, instead relying on family for help.

  • Ryan is very protective of Eva and regularly calls his lady of nearly a decade his wife.

  • Ryan is also a doting dad who loves to spend time with his kids and considers cooking a family event.

  • Gosling hasn't worked on a film for roughly two years, instead opting to spend time with his kids while Eva works on her clothing line with New York and Company. The family before the quarantine would spend their time going to parks and farmers markets.

Let's all keep in mind Ryan and Eva are incredibly private so US Weekly's source is likely full of shit and making assumptions from Eva's comments to fans.

US Weekly likely got their "Ryan cooks" tidbit from Eva herself as she revealed on her Instagram that Ryan is the cook in their house.

In more sadder news, Eva paid tribute to her brother, who passed away four years ago from throat cancer. She had previously said that his death was devastating to her.

She also paid tribute to Ryan's dog George who passed away a few years ago, telling a fan "we miss George every day."

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