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The View: Pete Buttigieg, Rachael Ray, Hot Topics

Panel is Whoopi, Joy, Sunny, and Meghan

Joy is Staying Y’all

More behind the cut [Spoiler (click to open)]

Rumors of her leaving the show are exaggerated. She tells a lot of jokes about creating jobs for Breitbart. The thing she said to a reporter was, you never know where you’ll be 2 years from now [or whatever]. Anyway, that got misinterpreted that she was officially retiring in two years. Panel banters about how much they like and need her around.

Hot Topic Bernie’s Out

Bernie ended his campaign yesterday. He was on Colbert last night. Said nice things about Biden but stopped short of using the words endorsement or something similar. Sanders said he would do everything in his power to help beat Trump. Panel talks about how would he and his philosophy fit with the Biden campaign, what topics will he want integrated. Meghan wonders about Bernie Bros who are ride or die for him, then vote for Trump, vote 3rd party, or don't vote.

Hot Topic Pete Buttigieg

He shaved. Radical change from campaign trail to being home isolated and cooking. Talked to Sanders yesterday, says this that and the other nice things about him. Believes BS will keep his word in helping defeat Trump. Healthy debate about how to deliver progress for America, but the bigger issue is getting this admin out of office, especially in light of pandemic. Talks about Sanders supporters, the power of coming together and understanding urgency to be united. Meghan talks about Bernie Bros again, and Trump tweeting that the DNC ~fixed it against BS. PB says we should be focusing on what we are for, and how best to deliver that, vs what happens on twitter. Can’t let 2016 repeat itself, for people who underestimated how bad Trump would be. PB pivots to dragging Trump. Coalescing supporters will take time and take work and requires leadership including from Sanders but is most important for the election. Topic moves to voting process in November. PB says three things are most in danger – our health, our economy, and our democracy (eg voting), talks about WI debacle. Expands on steps to secure voting, talks about Warren efforts to address this.

Meghan has her rant again about how the admin is badly handling the pandemic [she's been consistent, I'll give her that]. PB says local and state are having to step up due to lack of federal competence. Responsibility should be shared with leadership from federal government to ensure consistency. Says he’s seeing the rise of effective leadership at local level. Whoopi asks about religion. PB says virus doesn’t care about religion, people need to stay home, including Easter. It’s hard for people who are used to congregating together of similar faith but people need to do the right thing. Sunny brings up disproportionate impact of virus on poc. PB says the virus isn’t attacking poc moreso, but that poc are more vulnerable if they get sick, or other things [lists several things] that put poc more at risk.

Hot Topic Rachael Ray

Rachael talks about being home and cooking and cooks during the segment.

Ontd are you cooking more or eating ready-meals or getting takeout or delivery?

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