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ONTD Original: The Best Show You Aren't Watching, Quarantine Edition -Toast of London

My darlingsssSSss, it is time I share with you one of my favourite show of all times, one that I quote almost on a daily basis (and nobody gets it!), a show that made me love forever Matt Berry -who truly deserves ALL THE LOVE

Today’s Recommendation:
Toast of London

Genre: Comedy
Length: 30 mins.

Why Should I watch this show?
Because nobody has as much charismaaahhh as Steven Toast, except for John Hamm, of course.
Struggling actor Steven Toast and his roommate Ed, navigate life as actors in London. Together with his agent, Jane Plough (pronounced “pluff”), Toast fails at pretty much everything while being iconic. Toast’s main source of income is voiceovers, directed by two t*ats, which give space to some of the best moments of the show. Toast has a vicious hate relationship with Ray Purchase, who (mostly because Toast regularly sleeps with his wife, Mrs Purchase) tries to ruin him in every possible way. Every second of this show is iconic! Toast dubs the voice of a NUKELAAAR SUMBARIIIINEEE, ruins the play with the longest run, spills one of the biggest secret of history on Lorraine, gets a very special phone, gifts Prince Charles a pair of plastic titts, and SO. MUCH. MORE.

Here some highlights to convince you:


Honourable Mentions: Literally everyone. Even Blair Toast.

Where can I watch it?

  • All4 (in the UK)

  • Netflix

  • Your usual places that sSsnakey won't say

ONTD, can you hear me? Will you watch this show?
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