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ONTD Original: Celebrities Who Have Become (More) Insufferable On Social Media Lately

Sam Smith
Good for Sam coming into their own and embracing themselves. I don’t have an issue with it. But sometimes they’re just doing too much. Case in point, the Instagram post above (now deleted) with the caption: “Stages of a quarantine meltdown.” Um yeah, put the poppers down por favor Samuel.

Niall Horan
We had a dedicated post on it. I’ll just include his most cringeworthy tweet that I’ve seen. Tho he still continues to tweet excessively after his album flopped in the US so I’m certain he’s topped this with another tweet. Probably. Idk. New Angel is a bop at least.

Troye Sivan
He’s reaching Niall levels of annoying and over tweeting about literally everything and anything.

Chrissy Teigen
Some would argue she’s BEEN doing a lot on social media for sometime. And trading banana bread for romaine lettuce with a YouTuber on social media made for an “interesting story” and post. I guess. But it wasn’t enough.

Justin Bieber
Biebs desperation on social media leading up to the release of his underperforming album “Changes” was a cringeworthy sight to behold. He also wanted to fight Tom Cruise. He’s still tweeting his flop album out to his followers and dropping Changes mixtapes. No new songs tho. He also cancelled his tour. Now he can truly hide behind the Coronavirus as “the reason” for those abysmal ticket sales.

Which celebs are doing too much and who did you have to recently unfollow or block on social media?

Sources: My Twitter Feed and 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5
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