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Entertainment Weekly Accidentally Spoils Riverdale Musical with Early Recap


Riverdale's musical episode, Wicked Little Town, was originally supposed to air this week but got pushed back to next week (April 15). This reviewer must've still been operating under the original release date as they accidentally released their recap business as usual (The link goes to Yahoo, but it's a reprint of EW's article that's been taken down; OP also has screenshots if that gets taken down).

The recap reveals which "forbidden 'showmance' begins to blossom" per the show's official synopsis for the episode.

-From Hedwig and the Angry Inch, they sing Wicked Little Town (ensemble), Tear Me Down (sung by Kevin wherein he kisses Archie?), Sugar Daddy (Cheryl), two unnamed songs, Exquisite Corpse (ensemble), The Origin of Love (Betty and Archie), Wicked Little Town Reprise (Betty and Archie), and Midnight Radio (core four + Kevin).

-Jughead joins with Charles in trying to solve the whole "who's sending videotape secrets to people's houses" mystery. The episode ends with him watching a video of someone in a Jughead mask getting hit over the head with a rock by someone in a Betty mask.

-Fangs is the one to encourage Kevin to stick it to Honey after his desire to sing a Hedwig song in the variety show is initially shot down. Kevin also has a sleepover with the girls. After the variety show gets cancelled by Honey, they just end up having it at Veronica's speakeasy.

-Veronica is mad at Archie for not telling her that he saw her dad working out at the gym after Hiram collapses from his medical condition. Betty is irritated with Jughead for delving into another mystery rather than doing his homework. After singing a duet together that's laden with clips of their relationship, Betty and Archie kiss. And even after their respective partners apologize to them, the framing of the episode suggests that Betty and Archie still have feelings for each other as they reenact their dance together from the pilot via their bedroom windows.

-The only Cheryl mention is that for some reason she tells Honey that all of the are going to sing Hedwig songs for the variety show which makes him offer the ultimatum that anyone who does will be banned from prom.

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