secretlytigress (secretlytigress) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

The Challenge: Total Madness 35x02

Challenge: Air Drop Extraction
Teams of 3. Each team will have to transfer military crates from 1 platform to another, 1 mile apart. Only 3 teams go to the next round. They will ride a helicopter to 'bomb' target. Team with the most accurate bombins win the challenge.

Winners/Tribunal - Swaggy C, Dee, Cory

House nomination - Jenn
Tribunal nominations - Big T, Tori, Jenny

Purgatory: Flip the Switch
Tribunal members can also volunteer to go into elimination.
Jenn vs Jenny

They need to flip their 10 barrels to their opponents side.

Eliminated: Jenn

source mtv, castpic
Tags: reality show - mtv, the challenge (mtv)
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