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The View: Kamala Harris, Hot Topics

Panel is Whoopi, Sunny, Meghan, and Sara

More behind the cut

Hot Topic #TrumpLiesAmericansDie

Plays clip. Donald Dum Dum is now bashing the World Health Organization (WHO) and puts a hold on US funds. Meghan thinks WHO has been spreading China propaganda, lists her examples. Sunny thinks responsibility of American safety is on this WH, turns out intel was provided in November 2019 that made it to PDB in early Jan 2020. T45 doesn’t read, won’t read, ignores everything from his intel. For T45 to blame WHO is another deflection. He only puts America first when it suits his racist rhetoric. Sara agrees T45 is deflecting, but there is valid criticism for WHO. Pivots to WI election that GOP put voters lives at risk. Paper ballots isn’t set up state to state. She tells story about being able to vote in NY, possible second wave in November. Whoopi supports paper ballots as the only way. Says more things. Wonders why US is pointing at anybody. At this point, it doesn’t matter right now, how do we fix it.

Hot Topic Kamala Harris

Kamala is in DC, at home. Talks about adjustment to their lives at home. Typical conference call bingo chart. Household things. Calling more, texting less. Did a whole weekend of Bill Withers, then he passed away. She’s been cooking. Sunny says it took 70 days for T45 to take virus seriously. Recaps more of the incompetence. KH says the buck stops with him. Drags T45. Explains all the things he should be doing. All he does is talk about himself, lie, shift blame, minimize, distract.

Meghan has her rant about the same topics that everyone agrees (mixed messages, insider trading by Senators off pandemic), why should she trust government at this point. KH says she’s on bill with Warren about Congress personal finances. Talks about SF Mayor taking big hit shutting down the area, then CA Newsom, and so on. Lists great examples of leadership. Sara says McConnell blames impeachment on T45 lack of focus. KH says it’s another example of shifting blame [plus it was concluded 5 Feb]. Drags T45 some more.

Sunny brings up the miracle drug cure that T45 is pushing. KH doesn’t know why T45 is pushing. It’s proven to treat lupus and rheumatoid arthritis, so now they can’t get it because people are hoarding it. KH says we don’t want a drug pusher for Potus. Talks about consumer protection. KH is calling for suspension of credit card fees, interest, and suspension due to everyone out of a job. Also suspend negative reporting to credit bureaus so people don’t gt4 penalized further. Meghan likes the new bill proposal. Switches to virus having high impact on poc, quotes stats. KH says this crisis magnifies the disparities, like is happening now, quotes stats about poc health issues, particularly sickle cell anemia. Goes back to Meghan’s comment about FEMA further supporting areas hardest hit.

Whoopi says /breaking news during show/ Bernie drops out. KH says nice things. She wings it, since news just dropped. Sara asks about her remarks to Biden during debate. KH says this is what happens in debates. Says she’s been friends with him a long time, says stump speech things about Biden. Sara asks about possible VP. KH says she’s honored to be considered, but right now she’s full time focused on handling virus. Goes back to what she’s doing to sort through that.

Hot Topic RIP to Various People

/clip not loaded to View channel/

All passed due to coronavirus:

Charlotte Figi died at age 13. She helped bring benefits of medical marijuana into the mainstream, after her seizures were brought under control by THC. Meghan is gutted by death of musician John Prine. Also condolences to losses from View and GMA crew.

Ontd hang in there

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