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Sandra Oh on K-drama 'Crash Landing On You', coping with pandemic and 'Killing Eve' new season

-Says that she's currently in Los Angeles and is grateful that she's at her home, and has been communicating through Zoom with her old pals. Meditates to help her with her anxiety rn.

-Is thinking of the medical staff rn, as her brother is a ER doctor in these troubling times.

-“So am I,” Sandra reacted quickly when told that many more people around the world are addicted to K-dramas or Korean teleserye as they ride out the pandemic. “It’s a tremendous time for South Korea, culturally. I have been gobbling up this one show called ‘Crash Landing on You’ on Netflix.

-“It’s about this South Korean businesswoman. She’s parachuting and gets trapped in a hurricane and ends up in North Korea. I always cry and laugh." (One of us!!)

“In this time, it’s a great opportunity to catch up on Korean films. It’s true that the next installment of ‘Train to Busan’ is coming. I’m quite interested in seeing that new movie.”

-S3 will show Eve's struggles and her changing dynamic with Caroline (Fiona Shaw), as it couples with her rising independence.

-Gets envious seeing Villanelle's expansive wardrobe (which is what she likes to wear in rl).

-Says that she and Jodie don't work together that much, but they have a profound and trusting relationship.

-Is surprised by the shows success (says it came out at the right time), and hopes that it continues.

-Some possible spoilers for S3, so beware. Says that with coronavirus going on rn, she's not sure when S4 is going to shoot (Africa is one of their places).

-Had 2 television shows and a film in production before Covid-19 hit.

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