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The View: Jonathan Karl, Hot Topics

Panel is Whoopi, Joy, Sunny, and Meghan

More behind the cut

Hot Topic #TrumpLiesAmericansDie

Pouty McFussypants had another tantrum about the HHS IG who reported a survey of hospitals who complained about lack of supplies. Plays clip. Then goes off on a member of the admin who has served multiple Potus, and tells Senior Chief White House Correspondent Jonathan Karl he’ll never get anywhere. This vile fucker. JK, the alleged nobody, joins live. Throws shade. Then explains the background of survey of 300+ hospitals. Tells story about WHC who took test, it took 8 days to get results back. Meghan was horrified at press conference. Talks about NYT Maga Haberman, that his arguing with journalists is a distraction for how badly this is being handled. Maybe a strategic deflection, maybe he’s just a [narcissistic asshole]. Joy also watched the debacle yesterday. Wants reporters to call him out on his lying, and follow up on questions not answered, wants them to walk out in protest. JK was following up on a Fox News reporter (lol), feels it’s his job to report. His question was primarily posed to Fauci. Chilling response that we may never fully get back to normal.

Sunny goes back to HHS IG report. [The first accountability will come on election day]. JK thinks there will be oversight commission to review [which Pelosi has already brought forward]. Breaking news during show, Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham is leaving, after having never held one single press conference. JK said not only did she not do a briefing, but he never knew her to set foot in the briefing room.

Hot Topic Peter Navarro is a PhD

People want to hear from Fauci. Peter Navarro said he’s a PhD in social science so that makes him a medical doctor and epidemiologist and expert in infectious diseases /s. Sunny says we should listen to Fauci. Says Navarro wrote two memos. He warned of the pandemic and warned of lives lost if nothing was done. Navarro wrote his memo on 3 January. Why did it take 70 days?!? Joy thinks it’s ridiculous that a poli sci major is saying listen to him instead of Fauci. Tells joke about her husband. Says the drug T45 is pushing is dangerous.

Hot Topic Biden and TRE45ON Call

[Background: T45 had a twitter rant about Biden. Biden called him out, said let’s talk. So they did.]

Biden and T45 had a phone call about coronavirus. Meghan says at least it’s good they had a cordial conversation. Goes back to the overwhelming incompetence and malfeasance by this admin and congress [eg Senator Burr and GA Senator lady whose name I can’t remember] insider trading off the pandemic. She’s come to distrust the people giving messages because they keep changing their advice. Panel still feels Fauci is the lone voice of facts.

Hot Topic Another Maga Bites the Dust Acting SecNav Modly

After the show aired, this loser submitted his resignation. The whole situation is fubar.

Acting Secretary of the Navy (SecNav) is apologizing after saying Capt Crozier was naïve and stupid. Plays audio. You can hear crew say What the F. Meghan talks about respecting chain of command but doesn’t think anyone should be fired for raising health concerns. Firing was overreaction. Historically this won’t reflect well. Joy talks about how petty and vindictive T45 is. Lbr the firing was probably at T45 request. Modly dug in probably at T45 request. Then Mobly probably apologized at T45 request. Now he’s resigned. Sunny talks about chain of command but Mobly wanted to fire Crozier before any investigation. Whoopi explains why Crozier sent it to the distro list. The CO had said he wouldn’t have done anything, so Crozier had no other choice but to plea for help. It leaked because these things do, just like Mobly tirade to USS Teddy Roosevelt crew.

Hot Topic Quarantine Wish List

Senior fella dancing to JT Can’t Stop This Feeling. Then some British ladies who call themselves the British Golden Girls. Sunny would want her fave g/f with her. Meghan would’ve wanted her friends. Would normally be drinking and have to go to AA afterwards but since she’s pregnant she’s not drinking. Thinks the panel should’ve been together. Joy says when she and her husband bicker, she channels Melania with BeBest. Then says Fauci or Mel Brooks, save her life or make her laugh. With enough alcohol she could be with Kellyanne Conway.

Hot Topic Whoopi Kitchen Drama + RIP

Whoopi wanted potatoes, went into kitchen, made dish. Tells story. It was the worst, she doesn’t know what she did wrong. It was worse than licking the floor. Didn’t follow a particular recipe. Potatoes, garlic, onions, how hard can it be. Panel teases her for messing up potatoes. She never goes in the kitchen because she feels inadequate. Plays clip. meghan didn’t understand anything in the commercial. Joy gives condolences to Vic Henley, who died of c-virus. Plus Earl Graves Sr, founder of Black Enterprise.

Ontd who would you want to be quarantined with?

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