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ONTD Original: The Best Show You Aren't Watching, Quarantine Edition -The Windsors

My darlingsssSSss, did you already devour your Netflix / Amazon Prime Catalogue? No need to fear, your snakey is here! Thanks to our amazing ONTD members many of us discovered amazing new shows (eg Schitt's Creek), so why not continuing with this amazing tradition?
Today's Recomendation:

(pic source)

Genre: Comedy
Lengh: About 30 mins per episode.

Why should I watch this show?

It is a satirical representation of a re imagined Royal Family. If you like British humour, laughing at the expense of the British Royal family you would absolutely LOVE this show. If this did not convince you enough, these character descriptions will

  • Evil Camilla, the Queen ONTD truly deserves.

Finally, the evil Camilla that all tabloids have been talking about comes to life! From getting pregnant to make the Parker Bowls the new royal family, to digging up the original magna carta to make her husband king, nothing is too much for our Evil (never) Queen!

  • G*psy Kate

Do you think the duchess is boring? Oh you are so wrong! G*psy princess Kate is here, and is unstoppable. Kate stops missiles, does heroine on telly, and destroys Camilla's plans one by one.

  • Prince Philip

HRH Queen and Prince Consort do not phisically appear in the show, however once in a while "Prince Philip" sends a few notes and they are just like you imagined: filled with swear words, cursing everything and everyone. I refuse to imagine him any differently

Honorable Mentions: MM dealing with her new bonkers reality.

Where can I watch it?

  • All4 (if you are in the UK)

  • Netflix

  • Your usual places that sSsnakey won't say

Source: me and my wee brain.

ONTD, do you already love this show? What are you watching during this quarantine? I'll try to make more posts like this, if you want!
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