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Charli XCX announces new DIY concept album "How I'm Feeling Now" coming May 15th

  • Will use isolation time to make a brand new album from scratch

  • "How I'm Feeling Now" is the current working title with somewhat of a "deadline" on May 15th

  • Executive producers are A. G. Cook, BJ Burton (produced BANKS' III album) and Dylan Brady from 100 gecs

  • She will use all the tools she has with her in isolation.

  • It'll be very DIY: she will reach out to people online for collaborations and keep the entire process open so that anyone can join in to watch the process.

  • Charli will post demos, acapellas, text conversations with her collaboraters, film herself in the studio, do Zoom conferences to ask fans for ideas, opinions, etc... anyone can send in beats or references so that everyone involved can explore their own creativity.

  • There are a few scratch ideas, likely the previously written lyrics she mentioned a few weeks ago but those won't necessarily be used.

  • Turns out it was Charli XCX herself who made this!

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hope everything is good now mods!!

this is the MOST chaotic concept but i'm 100% here for it! what are you guys hoping to hear? what type of music will you demand her to make in the upcoming zoom sessions?

Tags: celebrity social media, charli xcx, music / musician (pop)
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