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The View: Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Hot Topics

Panel is Whoopi, Sunny, Meghan, and Sara

More behind the cut

Hot Topic Surgeon General is a Quack

The Surgeon General Jerome Adams is a quack, who failed in Indiana with Pence, and tweeted a silly poem downplaying the coronavirus during the MAGA ~hoax phase. Now he wants to compare the pandemic to Pearl Harbor, because he’s never actually studied history, since we didn’t have multiple warnings leading up to a surprise bombing attack. But I digress.

Sara says the heaviness weighed on her. 911 was sad but also unifying. Which is contrary to now where we need to stay apart from each other. Her heart goes out to people going through this at home alone. Talks about mental health impacts. Meghan thinks this is an historical paradigm shift. Weekends are really long and all you do is think about this. Talks about racial inequality. Quotes stats in Michigan. Sunny expands on Meghan’s point on racial disparity, also a disparity in terms of economic and health care differences. Thinks the Surgeon General is part of the problem. Quotes sequence of his actions. Now a huge shift in messaging. Whoopi thinks Fauci is the only one who has any idea what they’re talking about. Doesn’t trust anyone but Fauci. This didn’t sneak up on us, we knew it was coming but [WH] did nothing. Meghan talks more about all the examples of inequalities. Sara says the virus is an equalizer because it hits everyone but the ability to fight it and cope with the fallout is unequal.

Hot Topic #TrumpLiesAmericansDie

Snake oil salesman is still promoting an unproven drug that will kill you if taken improperly. T45 says he’s not a doctor, then cuts off and refuses to allow Fauci to comment. There’s nothing else to say for this segment. There’s no financial gain, it’s a generic sold for $0.30/pill by multiple companies, but T45 needs a hero cure to deflect from his colossal incompetence.

Panel debates about MSM covering the press conferences. Sunny hates it, because he lies lies and lies some more. Meghan thinks it should be covered because he’s a draconian totalitarian bully leader and this needs to be on full display to make clear to people how inept he and his team are.

Hot Topic Jesse Tyler Ferguson

Modern Family is coming to an end this week. Plays clip. JTF talks about saying goodbye to the show, and his new project to help covid-19. Covers how he and husband are faring during shelter at home. Expecting a baby in July so they’re getting the nursery ready. Relates the show covering his family status to real life. Talks about Terrence McNally, in honor of his death, some actors will do a live reading of Lips Together Teeth Apart. Sara talks about Tiger King, which JTF has been watching. They chat about possible casting for the show. He says he group chats with his cast members. Thinks getting Ed O’Neill on Zoom is an uphill battle. Series finale airs Wednesday.

Ontd icymi a lot of legal activity with Wisconsin primary tomorrow (Tuesday). The GOP controlled Wisconsin Supreme Court blocked the Governor’s executive order to postpone in-person voting and the GOP controlled US Supreme Court also vetoed to extend deadline for mail-in ballots.

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