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Chris Evans covers Esquire Magazine

*Was kinda grouchy and didn't like some of the questions it seemed.

*Liked shooting Defending Jacob because he got to live at home, sleep in his own bed, and have a life when he wasn't shooting.

*Realized he was old when he watched the final edit of Defending Jacob and thought he reminded himself of his dad. "A lot of scenes where I’m doing certain things, like, for instance, my character’s morning routine in the kitchen—there was the tie, the cup of coffee, and I was like, ‘Wow, I am watching my dad. I’m old."

*His mom burst into tears when she saw him in the old man Steve Rogers makeup because he looked just like his maternal grandfather.

*He was originally supposed to be named after his dad Robert and go by Bobby, but his mom really liked the name Chris so his dad gave in. He wonders what he would have been like with the name Bobby. His dad remarried and passed the name down to Chris's younger half brother.

*Is touchy about being asked about being potentially cast in Little Shop of Horrors--says he isn't obsessed with musical theater, he did it as a kid because that is mostly what was available but it was the acting part he fell in love with, not the musical part.

*Wants to be more Zen like his dog Dodger.

*His house is very clean, and he eats dinner at his Ma's house usually.

*Also did an "Explain This" segment.

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Evans is entering his grumpy old man phase like..
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