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Comic Round Up: Revisiting Supergirl + How DC/Marvel are dealing with COVID

-Peter David is considered to have one of the best runs on Supergirl and a huge influence to the character. He was on the title for 7 years/80 issues before being replaced.

-After COIE, Supergirl/Kara Zor-El was erased from continuity and banned from coming back. That was until John Byrne came up with a new version of the character who was a shapeshifting Matrix from an alt.reality who took on the look of Supergirl but had no familial ties to Superman.

-DC decided to give the character her own title and originally approached John Bryne to write the title but he turned it down so they came to Peter David who had his own ideas for the character which Bryne did not agree with.

-David ended up merging Matrix with a human Linda Danvers and much of his run explored religion and spirituality.

-He fought with DC to bring back Kara Zor-El for his Many Happy Returns arc which saw Kara reintroduced to DC. He had planned on having Linda/Kara/Power Girl team up and transition the title into "Blonde Justice" but DC canceled his run before he at the end of Many Happy Returns and decided to re-re introduce Kara in Superman/Batman.

-With comics being put on hold, Marvel has made a slew of of comic arcs free on Comixology.

-Some of the collections include Civil War, Avengers vs. X-Men, Dark Phoenix saga, and more.

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