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ONTD Original: 10 celebrities who won't let a pandemic stand in the way of their need for attention

You don't become a celebrity by being some humble selfless wallflower. But while some celebs have decided to use their financial wealth and wide platform for good (i.e. charity) some celebrities have decided that what everyone needs right now to cheer them up is their face.

Here are ten (ish) celebs who don't know how to read a room:

Gal Gadot & friends

Look I'm going to honest with you. The second I saw that video of Gal and her closest friends singing Imagine in their mansions I refused to click on it because the cringe was too strong. Even the stills from the vid I've scrolled past have given me second hand embarassment. What can I say? This is the ultimate ploy for attention. Who, when seeing that there was going to be global suffering including mass deaths, mass unemployment and mass food insecurity is like "I know what the people want. MY FACE". Gal Gadot and her friends, that's who (like they're not even professional singers so they can't even claim they are giving "the gift" of their music). The only good thing about this is all the parody vids it inspired.

Ana de Armas & Ben Affleck
Ben Affleck was already on ONTDs most-hated list (if you need a refresher he's protected his younger brother Casey Affleck from being asked questions about his involvement in rape and has himself been accused of groping by actress Hilarie Burton and Annamarie Tendler). Ana de Armas was basically costing off of the goodwill of having a pretty face and starring in the breakout hit Knives Out and the upcoming Bond film. Then, right as covid-19 cases started popping up in the U.S., the two co-stars announced they were a couple in Costa Rica and then, as social isolating began to be encouraged the two decided to hole up together but still appear for performative walks where they could make out in front of the paps while claiming they didn't want the attention. Also they apparently aren't even social distancing properly since they're still having guests at their home and Affleck is still visiting with his kids who are staying with their mom, Jennifer Garner.

Their antics have gone from amusing to annoying real fast. Even de Armas' stan account is over it:

Meredith Salenger

Salenger decided to cheer everyone up with some weird advice about how social distancing and citywide lockdowns are the perfect time to date someone because you can really get to know them over text. That's sort of a nice if weirdly timed sentiment given that everyone's mental health is crumbling and there is mass unemployment but then Salenger turned it into a post about how she fell in love with husband Patton Oswalt and knew he was the one. I mean, I guess?

Jessica Chastain

Chastain fell out of favour with me a few years ago when she hired serial domestic abuser Matthew Newton to write and direct a project and, when faced with backlash, never apologized and shot Newton's film anyway replacing him with a new director. But during covid-19 she's been acting bizarre.

In not-so-relatable tweets and Insta posts Chastain has been talking about how difficult social distancing is and how she's going stir crazy... pairing these words up with pictures of her from old photoshoots and weirdly edited vids of her taken at home. Maybe one or two of these would be okay. But there are a LOT.

Justin Timberlake & Jessica Biel

Justin Timberlake posted a nice little Instagram post of his wife encouraging people to self-isolate with links to food banks and charities they could donate to. But that nice place he's posting from with all the trees is the Yellowstone club in Montana where it costs $300,000 just to have your membership approved and condos start at $4 million. Journalist Anne Helen Petersen wrote a great article on why celebs and other rich people fucking off to remote rural areas endangers both themselves and the locals who live their year round. Also it's incredibly tacky to post that we're in this together as you ride out the pandemic in your own private club.

Joan Smalls

When medical health experts explained that one of our best ways of beating covid-19 was to wash our hands for twenty seconds lots of celebs stepped up with fun hand washing videos helping to show best practices. Model Joan Small put on a bikini, some rubber gloves and posed with a bottle of cleaning product. Thirst trap but make it pandemic related? IDEK.

Camila Cabello & Shawn Mendes

To be fair these two are needy and attention seeking even in the best of times but this quarantine pap stroll was next level weird. Were they tweaking? Were they just posing super slowly? Both? Who knows!

source 1 2 3 4 5 6 + me and my judgey opinions + ONTD and their judgey opinion + these celebs and their egos.

How are you holding up, ONTD? Share your pettiest quarantine complaints here!
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