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Lindsay Lohan Claims Her Dog Lived to be 27 on IG Live Promoting New Single

Lindsay Lohan did a live stream to promote her new single, Back To Me. Highlights include:

  • She is releasing a full album, and 2 music videos (which haven't been shot yet.... so...)

  • She has a movie called Cursed with Mickey Rourke that is on hold because of COVID19 (okay, Jenna Maroney)

  • Dina called in the middle of the live and she declined it

  • Her philosophy on life: "I think life is what we make of it and we all have something to offer to each other and I think that this is a time when we can all do that together and... wait... someone just... my sister just opened the door... um, I think that life is precious and kind and gracious and that we all have to live in it together and we all have to share the gifts we've been given by god together and I think that's what life is."

  • She had a dog named Gucci that lived to be 27 years old and died a few months ago

  • She finds serenity in the recording studio with "incense" and "candles"

  • Wants to collaborate with The Chainsmokers, Lana Del Rey, Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift, Steve Aoki ("we grew up together and he's one of my best friends and he will always be for my entire life.")

  • She bought the rights to a book called "The Honeymoon" and is "writing the script herself"

  • "I think my biggest inspiration would be, aside from god and my grandfather who passed... I mean there are so many inspirations that I see every day, I find inspiration in the waves of the ocean. Musically and acting wise: Meryl Streep, Jessica Lange, Elizabeth Taylor. Musically would be Barbara Streisand, my sister in a lot of ways because she has a very soulful voice and she puts a lot of her emotions into the way that she sings and the way that she writes and I really admire that. It's very truthful and I find that to be very beautiful. Alicia Keys, she would be a dream to work with. Swizz Beatz and her lived near each other in New York a long time ago. Oprah definitely as well, as we all know. Ellen DeGeneres, awesome woman. Reese Witherspoon. The list goes on. I just feel inspired by everyone all the time and I feel blessed that we all have these people in the world to give us other ideas to come up with and that tell us that we are no matter what at this day in this world right now, we're all the same and I think that's such a beautiful thing, no matter where we are."

  • She's in Dubai

  • She did her own documentary (with CNN and BBC) that nobody saw because it was overshadowed by "a lot of stuff going on in America" in her life

  • "I saved a lot of kids lives and that meant more than anything I've ever done to me."

  • She sent clips of her new single to the Syrian refuges that she "work with" and they sent her a message today thanking her for releasing the song

  • She would go back to the 50s if she had a time machine ("The pin up days")

  • She calls her fans her "team"

  • She wants to be honest because she owes it to "the children and the children they will have"

  • She hopes we all like her new single ("...if you don't I will find you guys")


ONTD: How old did your dog live to be?

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