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The View: Gavin Newsom, Tom Bossert, Hot Topics

Panel is Whoopi, Joy, Sunny, and Sara

More behind the cut

Hot Topic #TrumpLiesAmericansDie

Missing milestone events. Birthdays, weddings, anniversaries. Sunny talks about her h/s senior son, no prom, no graduation, no track season. Now college acceptances online. Plays clip. Son got into his dream school, Harvard. Her grandmother only had a 6th grade education in Puerto Rico, so now her great-grandson going to Harvard is a really big step forward. Sara cries over Sunny’s happy news. Her family had a zoom bday party. Tells story about a practice run before the actual day. Also affecting the way people are mourning.

The View hair stylist passed away. Found out Ali Wentworth (actress, George Snuffalupaguss wife) has the virus. Panel talks about learning who else has it.

Hot Topic Gavin Newsom

First state official to impose a state wide lockdown. Doesn’t want people to become complacent. Feels the curve has been bent enough. Sunny asks about letter he wrote to T45 about potential worst case. GN says letter predicted consequences if CA did nothing. Talks the magnitude of the state’s presence, and how people are adapting. Feels numbers will increase over the course of the next few weeks. Joy says Devin Nunes is a whiny baby. GN says he’s not checking for Devin Nunes. [Icymi Nunes is suing fake parody twitter accounts because they hurt his fee-fees]. GN sticks to his guns because he’s getting expert advice. Sara talks about Mayor Garcetti suggesting face masks. GN talks face coverings vs face masks. Needs N95 masks for medical workers. People should continue social distancing and hygiene, but additive face coverings can be beneficial. Sunny says states are having to compete with other states with ventilators and other supplies. GN had previously called it the Wild Wild West. Tells story about equipment from Elon Musk, also getting broken products he sent to Silicon Valley to repair and then use. Also talking to other Governors to collaborate and help each other out.

Joy asks about relationship with T45. GN has 68 lawsuits with the T45 administration so there’s long history of disagreement. GN talks about the evolution of c-virus impacting CA including the cruise ships docked offshore, that coordination went well with the federal contacts. Sunny mentions FL DeSantis got 100% of his first request despite FL not acting quickly, is it partisan favoritism. GN says the National Governors Association organizes regular calls with only Governors so they’re working with each other to share and prevent price gouging etc. GN quotes facts and figures. Distributed 36M masks, only received 1M, so they have to figure it out themselves. Sara asked about punishment for breaking lockdown rules. GN says peer pressure works well, people are inherently good and will do what’s right, if their peers are the ones influencing. Talks about reaching out to seniors to check in, 70K people have volunteered to come back into the workforce to help during pandemic. That’s more powerful than citations, but they’ll go that route if necessary.

Hot Topic ABC Tom Bossert

Former Homeland Security Advisor. [He resigned the day after Bolton was appointed, due to the removal of the Global Health Security team that he led.]

Left in January, warned we were ill-prepared for pandemic. We have a second bite of the apple we can take. By end of April make sure another wave is not ignited. Need contact tracing and widespread testing to determine outcomes and serum antibody tests. Need to really use next 30 days carefully. People who think it’s a light switch is underestimating what it will take. Joy talks about threats being ignored. [This is a tired argument. We know they failed. Move on]. TB gives different metaphors that didn’t resonate with people until they phrased it like a fire which spreads exponentially. Skipping the rest, no new info. T45 is incompetent. Talks history related to 1918 epidemic, learned from those findings. Social distancing caught on fast, even if some didn’t honor it. Sunny asks about DPA and why T45 is waffling on it. TB thinks it should be used to producing a vaccine, not just for us but other countries.

Hot Topic Clap Clap Clap Drink

Medical staff thanking the cleaning crew, plays clip. Barefoot Contessa posted favorite cocktail, plays clip.

Joy’s webcam goes kaflooey but she was going to talk about drinking while quarantined. Sara normally drinks but her husband is getting in great shape instead of gaining the corona-15. Out of competition she’s not letting herself go. Sunny says her family is working out too but she’s drinking, having zoom conferences with her g/f. Whoopi talks about addicts who are struggling and asks them to reach out to AA and other support systems to get them through this.

Ontd icymi Wisconsin is due to vote Tuesday but a judge ruled results can't be released until 4PM 13 April to allow for extension of absentee-mail in ballots

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