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Fashion blogger & Influencer Arielle Charnas posts tearful apology for fleeing NYC amid coronavirus

Arielle Charnas, the fashion influencer behind the brand Something Navy, apologized to her followers in a tearful Instagram Story and post, after facing backlash for leaving New York City amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Charnas told her followers that she had tested positive for COVID-19, but headed to the Hamptons with her family two weeks later.

Charnas said that she followed the Centers for Disease Control guidelines in making her decision and that she and her family had waited 14 days before leaving New York City to quarantine elsewhere.

But writer Sophie Ross documented her messy and questionable choices that put others at risk.

[One more cut for your browser’s sake, click here for more mess]

You can read more in the thread. There’s just too much to unpack and summarize here.

Her Instagram Apology:

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Tags: covid-19, fashion, internet celebrities, you in danger

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