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The View: Mayor Latoya Cantrell, Dr Craig Spencer, Hot Topics

Panel is Whoopi, Joy, Sunny, and Meghan

More behind the cut

Hot Topic #TrumpLiesAmericansDie

FL Governor Ron DeSantis finally closed the state for 30 days. Too late but ok. Plays clip. Still 11 states who are going to pray it away. Meghan talks about spring breakers, chickens are coming home to roost. Looks like next epicenter may be FL. Talks about South Dakota, who is resisting a full shutdown due to state is sparsely populated. Joy wasn’t paying attention. Says Sweden doesn’t have a shutdown policy so people are doing what they want, now cases going up. Then look at South Korea. North Dakota may not be impacted but what if someone goes to South Dakota and so on. Churches in FL are crazy. Most mainstream religions have shut down, only the crazies in super red states who want to pray it away. RCC, Mormon Church, Southern Baptist Convention, etc, all have put out national (or international) guidelines. TX churches are challenging the non essential category. TX court is conservative but state has been able to regulate public health overriding churches. Even the Pope has been saying social distance, stay at home.

Whoopi calls out something to smile about, Deacon Otis Wicknine who sings a coronavirus song.

Hot Topic Tiger King Trashtastic Binge Watch

Meghan loves it. Watched it. Now watching it again. Joe Exotic has captured everyone’s attention. So bored at home that she thought about asking T45 to pardon him /jokes/. Whoopi says his rival Carol is the villain and is speculated as feeding her man to the tigers. Sunny talks about how Joe has such a crazy background. He ran a zoo and ran for Governor. Now Carol’s husband’s disappearance is being reinvestigated. Joy hasn’t seen it yet, has zero interest. She’s been (re)watching Downton Abbey. Real life is a horror show. She watches the news, Cuomo, and Dr Fauci. So she escapes with the British. They faced other dilemmas but it’s in the past. Meghan says Joe Exotic explains T45 appeal very well. Meghan and Sunny still marvel at the shock factor of the show and Joe.

Hot Topic New Orleans Mayor Latoya Cantrell

New Orleans is quickly becoming a hard hit state. LC says their hospitals and medical workers have the PPE and stockpile of ventilators. Brings up coroners and mortuaries and how they’re affected as well. Using convention center for extra staging area. Losing 5% of patients diagnosed. Meghan asks about Mardi Gras in mid February. LC says events were still happening all across America at the time of Mardi Gras and no direction from federal level or CDC to cancel those gatherings. LC says city got first case 9 March, then she was first in state to end social events, got pushback. In hindsight, we shouldn’t have had any events across the country, should’ve been warned. Joy says intel reports were ignored by T45 now our numbers are skyrocketing. LC says leadership matters and sets the tone. Response is to needs on the ground, in city and state. We need to stay at home mandate nationwide. This is like our WWII, we can’t defy laws of nature and expect to survive. Sunny says a lot of residents ignored order to stay home, still went out on St Patricks Day. One of LA top officials ridiculed LC when she cancelled events. Leadership matters, they shouldn’t have done that. Have gone to fines, arrests, shutdown businesses to make people comply. The virus is in control, so we need to act accordingly.

Hot Topic Dr Craig Spencer

This was recorded yesterday, with Whoopi, Sunny, and Sara

He’s the surgeon who battled Ebola. Director of Global Health and Emergency Medicine at NY Presbyterian Medical Center.

The city is empty on the outside but the hospitals are packed. Finally starting to see people get released and go home after being treated and surviving. A lot of team solidarity. Sara talks about him contracting Ebola. CS says coronavirus scares him more than Ebola. He’s worried that it wasn’t taken seriously, and still isn’t by a lot of people, even as it spreads and dominates. Virus doesn’t care who you vote for. Sunny repeats T45 lie that hospitals and medical workers stealing or hoarding PPE and equipment. CS says all the normal things over such a stupid thing to claim. Doesn’t see anyone running out with stash, sees people running in sick and needing help. Sunny asks about cases slowing down in NY. CS explains the trajectory and they’re trying to prevent worst case scenario. Cases aren’t going away and will continue to increase but the rate in which infection spread is being slowed by self-quarantine.

Sara asks about treatment using blood of patients who were infected but survived. CS talks about the biology and compares to his treatment with Ebola and urges to be cautious but they’re hopeful. Sara also asks about the anti-malaria drug that sometimes kills people. CS says not enough data yet, important thing is that it’s toxic and deadly. Sunny asks how frustrated is CS that we weren’t better prepared. CS tells history where he’s seen this [apathy] before. CS and his colleagues wrote about potential of pandemic and that we weren’t ready and now here it is. Sara asks about warm weather impact, and another wave. CS says they’re basing it off other viruses, which did slow down during summer months, mentions 1918 flu pandemic. We’re going to continue seeing cases for months so we need to be prepared.

Ontd icymi the Democratic Convention has been rescheduled to August 17-20, one week before Republican Convention

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