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The Challenge: Total Madness S35x01

Players will be playing as individuals competing for $1 million.

Challenge: Battle Lines
Individual. Must reel in rope to collect supplies as fast as they can, then must complete puzzle. TJ will drive a tank through the field. If supplies are crushed, player does not move on to the puzzle. Remaining players reel more rope, tank drive through, do puzzle until a player gets to the finish line.

Winners: Rogan and Jenny

Tribunal: Rogan, Jenny, Cory
Jenny and Rogan chose Cory to be part of the Tribunal

The losers get to nominate 1 player not in the Tribunal to go straight into elimination. Then the Tribunal get to nominate 3 players then choose 1 to go into elimination.

House nomination: Asaf
Tribunal nominations: Kyle, Jay, Wes

Purgatory: Air Strike
Asaf vs Jay

With a panel between them and hanging from a bar, players must knock each other off. Best out of 3 wins.

Eliminated: Asaf

Winners of an elimination will get a red skull on their helmet. Only players with a red skull will be eligible to be in the final.

sources mtv, castpics
Tags: reality show - mtv, the challenge (mtv)

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