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Who Was The Tenth Contestant Voted Out Of Survivor: Winners At War?

The tenth person to be voted out of Survivor: Winners At War and sent to Edge Of Extinction was...

[Spoiler (click to open)]Wendell!!!:)

We began with EoE, and the contestants reading the rules for how they’re going to return to the game. Those with Fire Tokens were able to buy advantages. They then made their way to the challenge, as everyone remaining was told to drop their buffs.

Those with advantages got to skip through stages of the challenge, like Tyson, Natalie, Rob and Danni. Yul and Parvati weren’t able to skip any, and they didn’t have any advantages. That didn’t matter though since they both caught up to the rest fairly quickly.

It was a showdown between Rob and Tyson, with only an inch separating them at the end. Tyson won, and joined the newly merged tribe. Everyone else made their way back to EoE, as there’ll be one more chance for one of them to return later on in the season.

At camp, the plans began moving extra fast, as everyone was trying to figure out where exactly everyone else stood.

Denise wasted no in time telling everyone how she got Sandra out, and it obviously put a huge fucking target on her back. Nice. Wendell decided he needed to work on his relationships, but clearly that no longer included Sophie. Jeremy wanted to move forward with Wendell, but felt threatened by Nick, since Nick was Wendell’s one strong alliance. Ben and Tyson wanted to keep all the big threats around as long as possible, and vote out players like Wendell, Michele and Nick.

The first individual immunity challenge promised two idols and Fire Tokens, one each to the last man and woman left hanging on the poles. Denise won for the women, which made it so Wendell couldn’t target her for this vote. Jeremy won for the men.

Jeremy wanted to target Nick, but didn’t want to come across as the leader. He used his alliance with Tony and Ben to push the idea further. Sophie could see through Jeremy’s plan though, and instead tried to put the votes on Wendell. All of this got back to Jeremy, because no one can keep their fucking mouth shut. Jeremy then had to change it to Adam. Come on man, what the fuck, why are you blindly trusting Wendell so quickly? Why do you care? Michele and Denise will still be around, and so will your meat shield Tyson, Tony and Ben. Love you Jeremy, but you can let someone else decide the first boot.

At Tribal, it was all about finding balance, finding the right conversations, and keeping up with the constant changes in every plan.

The tenth person to be voted out and sent to Edge of Extinction was Wendell. Good riddance. He tossed his Fire Tokens in Michele’s and Nick’s bins before heading to EoE.

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