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The View: Bernie Sanders, Hot Topics

Panel is Whoopi, Sunny, and Sara


More behind the cut

Hot Topic #TrumpLiesAmericansDie

T45 said US may see ~240,000 deaths from coronavirus, and that’s if everyone does everything they’re supposed to. [Which would be less if he hadn’t eliminated the pandemic response team, or followed the pandemic response guidelines, or taken it seriously since January instead of holding 9 KKK rallies and went golfing 7 times]. Sunny says we should’ve heard this a long time ago. She lives with a doctor, so she’s been taking it seriously, doesn’t think it will subside until June-July. Sara says his tone was different. [Don’t be fooled people he’s a narcissistic psychopath who is incapable of empathy]. She’s also sad to hear about people dying alone.

Whoopi thinks it should be directed at FL Governor and Devin Nunes. Sara was glad to see signs of Spring appearing as a welcome change. Whoopi explains her comments about FL Governor and Nunes. [Spoiler: they’re dumb].

In comparison, a bad winter flu season kills ~60,000 in US per year

Hot Topic Bernie Sanders

Sanders had remote feed technical difficulties that delayed his segment, then the audio is oof. I wasn't able to capture all of this because it was hard to understand and sound sometimes cuts in-out.

BS says it’s bad, unprecedented, we have to get through this together. Says no. 1 thing that keeps him up at night is T45 downplaying it and health care workers not having the PPE they need. People are without food so we need to [do something]. Second thing is he talked about the stimulus bill.

Sunny asks why BS thinks coronavirus proves that for-profit health care is a failure. BS says 1-there is growing anxiety in country that people can afford healthcare or get healthcare, and 2-current system spends more per person but we don’t have necessary equipment. Sara says countries with universal health care often have to wait longer and sometimes die before they can get care. How would BS solve that. BS says there were long waiting lines before this pandemic. Talks about how much prescription drugs cost. References Canada health care system [which also has private option available]. Sunny asks if allegations are true that BS is politicizing pandemic for M4A. BS says we need to guarantee health care to all people. People get treated shouldn’t have to pay out of pocket for cost.

Whoopi wonders why BS is still in the race. Says it feels like 2016 when he didn’t drop after HRC had locked the nomination. Whoopi says it took BS a long time to get behind HRC, and get his people behind HRC. BS says people have a right to vote for the agenda they want. Talks about a 4th stimulus bill. Whoopi says maybe he should work on that, vs trying to campaign. BS gives stump speech talking points. BS says that he is still assessing his future. Sara asks about Super Tuesday, why does he think he underperformed. BS says other people dropping out. Switches gears back to pandemic and economic impact. BS says more stump speech talking points.

Sunny says T45 claims no one could’ve seen the virus coming. We know differently. Asks BS why he thinks the admin ignored the warnings. [audio really bad]. T45 is dangerous. Sara says the country looked a lot different 6 mos ago, what about 6 mos from now. BS talks the future. Congress needs to act to do xyz.

Hot Topic Get Well Chris Cuomo

He has the virus. Plays clip. Sunny has 3 generations in her home, used to be 4 until her grandmother passed away. Tells story how they’re sorting it out. Cuomo’s mom was at his house, but has left because he’s sick. Hard to be separated from your family. Sara tells kid stories. She’s worried about her parents in FL. Her sister recently moved closer. Even if she can’t see them, still wishes they were closer by. Larry David did a PSA to get people to stay at home. Plays clip.

Ontd are you ready for a whole month of quarantine?

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