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Jodie Comer on being the face of skin-care brand Noble Panacea and her beauty routine

-Noble Panacea (developed by a Nobel Prize-winning scientist) has a new technology called Organic Molecular Vessels™ that delivers precision with active ingredients, and is also Animal Cruelty-Free.

-Never imagined that she would be in this position as the first Global ambassador for the skincare brand. Used to pile on the makeup growing up, but now invests heavily in skincare and self-care.

-Says Glossier's Boy Brow is a must for her. Fixing her eyebrows is something that's very important to her. Whenever she's on set, that's the first thing she does.

-Religiously wears sunscreen no matter what. Her friends have ingrained the importance of SPF, and no matter what the weather is says it's a must.

-Recalls the red wig that she wore in S2 as her favorite look, as she's imagined how she would fare in red.

-"It's like the moment you have to be sexy or attractive onscreen, I become so self-conscious. Whereas if I've got no makeup on and I've got a bruise on my face, I'm like, 'Let's go.' You know? But that's just me."

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