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Gifted & Generous Queen Taylor Swift Keeps Nashville Record Store Afloat During COVID-19 Outbreak

The selfless and gifted pop queen of our time, Taylor Swift, has been practicing self-isolating and social distancing. She's not doing PR walks or taking bored selfies. She already knows how to hide away when necessary since she was an expert at it during her reputation era. (And for that, we were grateful.)

After urging her fans to stay home and donating them money, Taylor is help keeping a Nashville record store afloat by paying its employees as they remain closed due to the coronavirus pandemic. A living legend and talented angel walking on this planet. Can you believe?!

The hypnotic pop star also took over Spotify's Amplify Playlist on Friday to share a playlist of the women who inspired her to get into music. Not only is she celebrating other women in music, but she's also keeping us occupied during the pandemic. A true savior for our time.

ONTD, who are some of most the sweet, kind, and selfless pop stars that you adore? Let's celebrate them!

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