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Schitt's Creek penultimate episode felt like a series finale-ish. What's next? + Recap.

BTS and Recap of the penultimate episode:

- Schitt's Creek's penultimate episode almost worked as a series finale, wrapping up most of the cast storylines. TV line has a recap, but basically:

[BIG Spoilers for the penultimate episode.]- Twyla has been a millionaire since the series premiere and bought the cafe (what?!)
- Roland and Jocelyn are not in financial trouble anymore.
- Stevie is gonna travel around to set up the new Rosebud motels.
- Moira is back on TV since the network agreed to her demands and ordered a 'Sunrise Bay' revival.
- Jhonny decides to not commute and moves to California with Moira.
- Alexis decides to fly solo and move to New York, she also rejects Twyla's money.
- David has a heart to heart with Stevie in front of the house Patrick was gonna buy for them, and decides to stay in Schitt's Creek with him.

So?! What's left for the series finale?! For one thing, we know... [Spoiler (click to open)]David and Patrick's wedding will take place, and Moira and Jhonny will be leaving for California the same day.

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Tags: canadian celebrities, lgbtq film / media, schitts creek (cbc), spoilers, television
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