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It's Charli Baby: Charli XCX announces new music reveal coming soon + her partying on live streams

OP has taken on the task of being ONTD's resident Charli stan and is here to give you all the updates! Wait was that Bernie Sanders that just showed up on a Charli XCX Zoom session vibing out to SOPHIE's "Immaterial Girl"?

What has Charli XCX been up to in these trying times:

  • Ensuring her fans are being fed, Charli has been hosting live stream sessions on Instagram, Zoom and even Grindr!

  • Some of the streams have featured guests like Tove Lo, Christine and The Queens, Diplo, Kim Petras, Rita Ora, etc...

  • More live streams coming soon with Rina Sawayama, Ashnikko, Zara Larsson and more!

  • But mostly she's been DJing music and jamming to some of her unreleased songs, including "Taxi" and "Come To My Party"

  • She's also let it slip she was planning a True Romance show.

What we know about the new music:

  • There will be a lot less features compared to her self-titled and two mixtapes.

  • A. G. Cook is definitely involved in the production.

  • The writing process of the album is basically finished. Because she's self-quarantining she'll be recording herself which she mentioned she hasn't done in years but "nows the time to start again". (x)

  • Says the new music is "very indicative of the time we are in".

[Charli DJing a remix of Unlock it and Deejay Alices Better Off Alone]

Remix by Victor Borge

[WTF! Bernie Sanders on a Charli XCX Zoom?!]

[True Romance throwback + future show announcement]

[Charli XCX playing unreleased song Taxi]

[Charli playing unreleased Come To My Party]

[Charli, Kim Petras and fans performing Roll With Me]

[Charli jamming to Stupid Love]

[New live streams coming up]

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hope some of these videos made u guys laugh bc she's been cracking me up lately! the upcoming ashnikko stream can't be anything but absolute chaos so i'm ready for it

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