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Canadian Pop Artist and Author Alex Kazemi Explains Why He Came Out as Demisexual

“I’m a demisexual demigod,” Kazemi revealed in an interview with King Kong Garcon Magazine. For those of you asking who? Kazemi is a Canadian pop artist and author of “Pop Magick — A Simple Guide to Bending Your Reality,” which was released in February 2020 and includes a foreword by Rose McGowan. “Demisexuality is the future. The idea of demisexuality is only having sex with people that you feel emotions, love or energy for. It’s so much about the souls connecting.”

People have since criticized him for this, some even making jokes that his orientation is stanning Demi Lovato. The 25-year-old doesn’t have social media so he responded to the criticism through OUT Magazine.

“Demisexuality is the orientation that best fits me. I don’t experience sexual attraction to someone unless I’m emotionally attracted to them. Some people take it a step further and identify as demisexual-hetero, demi-homo, demi-bi. I just identify as demi.”

“I actually call it a magickal orientation because we are a lesser known orientation and are just becoming visible now. It’s magick and rare, and special to be demisexual and I’d love to date someone one day who also identifies this way.”

“The frustration people are facing for wanting me to label me in their box they feel I fit in has nothing to do with me. I am doing what works for me, and I’m not asking to be believed or accepted. I am following my instincts; this is just what fits for me. I know that I’m rare, and I'm willing to take that people are skeptical and believe this in an invalid orientation. Maybe because this is something new it will scare people, but I’m happy to take that risk, to be myself and hope others can do the same, for those who are out there and feel the same as me.”

Read his full statement at the first source. Or don’t.

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