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ONTD Original: I Dreamed Lady Gaga's Chromatica LEAKED

After I laid me down last night, I had a VIVID dream where dream me was reading an ONTD post about the leak of Lady Gaga's Chromatica. Now I get the pleasure of reporting everything that I learned from my dream back to you all here. I know hearing about dreams is annoying, but let's take what we can get these days.

Let's find out if I'm the modern Miss Cleo or am I just mistaken!

Dream Prediction 1
The album WILL leak during quarantine and sooner rather than later. Like before it's original release date of April 10th (per Rolling Stone)!

In reality, it's probably just sitting somewhere waiting to express itself.

Dream Prediction 2
The album cover art has a desert motif. It was unclear to me if that was the official art or what the leakers used, but ONTDers in my dream were comparing it to the Perfect Illusion and Stupid Love videos (both dusty).

In reality, all we know it's not the pink Chromatica logo shown here:

Dream Prediction 3
Guest features include Dua Lipa and Nicki Minaj! The former gave the gays everything they wanted. The latter...

In reality, some are expecting the elusive cantante, Ariana Grande, to appear because they took a picture together recently:

Dream Prediction 4
Lady Gaga, predictably upset at the leak, immediately starts work rushing out a second album! She enlists Diplo to produce this half of an album and pads the rest out with leftovers from Chromatica.

In reality, she called BloodPop® the "center of her new album" (per Paper). It's truly a battle of blood vs. piss.

Dream Prediction 5

Lady Gaga names the new replacement album Meteorite. Is this Mariah's impact or a continuation of LG being on her Chibi Moon shit recently:

In reality, it might be great if a meteorite did hit our planet sometime soon.

Source: 1 2 3 4 5

Note to mods: It's my first post, any feedback is appreciated!

ONTDers: What are your predictions for the album? Have you dreamt of ONTD?
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