Jamie Green (dcgirl1985) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
Jamie Green

Shawn and Camila go on weird meditation walk and confuse the internet

Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello are quarantining together in Cabello's Miami home. The pair has held a IG live concert to benefit WHO and Global Citizen and hosted a talk and guided meditation on IG live with meditation expert Jeff Warren.

The pair has also been papped going on morning walks almost every day and were caught doing a weird meditation walk today that has confused the internet. In the paparazzi video, the pair can be seen walking very slowly with their eyes closed, taking long deep breaths. Some fans have compared it to Harry Potter and Ron Weasley walking back to Hogwarts after being attacked in the Forbidden Forest.

They've been caught on morning walks in Camila's neighborhood on other days but never doing this weird meditation walk.

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What do you think they were doing? Was it a weird meditation? Why walk with your eyes closed? Do you think they tripped and fell at some point?

Tags: camila cabello, pr couple, shawn mendes

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