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The View: Kim Kardashian, Hot Topics

Panel is Whoopi, Sunny, Sara, and Meghan

More behind the cut

Hot Topic #TrumpLiesAmericansDie

Experts were telling the public that only the sick needed to wear masks. Now the CDC may change that to everyone. Plays clip. [Why are they airing a Faux News segment rme]. A network that lies as a brand is calling experts liars about masks. Sara thinks lying locks into intention whereas this doesn’t suggest there was motive, this is new territory. And nobody knows where to get a mask, and don’t want to wear a mask that is needed by health care workers. Meghan wants to be treated like adults. Tells story going to China, had leftover masks that they wear due to pollution. Blah di blah. Still some confusion whether they work or not. Brings up the malaria drug. More blah blah that the government is lying to us. Sunny says no one trusts the government because T45 and his lying liars always lie their lies. Asked her husband (he is a doctor), if you’re asymptomatic, good reason to wear it (to avoid infecting others), or if you touch something then instinctively touch your face (to avoid getting it yourself).

Hot Topic Hazard Pay for Delivery Workers

Online delivery workers want hazard pay (re/Amazon and Instacart). Striking due to conditions. Meghan is relying on delivery workers, so she supports extra pay for their jobs under the circumstances. Whether the corporations can do it or another stimulus package directed at certain workers in this environment. Panel agrees. If we’re supposed to shelter in place, then we depend on delivery services, so the companies and the govt should step in and do the right thing. We need to see good corporate citizens. Sunny talks about Instacart. Reads a legal note. Meghan who is very wealthy and comes from a wealthy family wants to complain about other wealthy people.

Hot Topic Social Distance or Get Arrested

If you don’t honor social distancing, go directly to jail, do not pass go, do not collect $200. Everyone who showed up to watch USNS Comfort arriving in NY harbor. States are threatening fines and jail time who don’t listen. [Like that dum dum pastor]. Meghan rants again how she’s perfect while others are not but doesn’t talk about her husband who promoted everyone having a virus party to build herd effect like with chickenpox because of course. [Twitter took down the post and put him in temp suspension because of it]. Whoopi talks about the church, plus a block party in NJ. It’s like it won’t mean anything until they lose someone close.

Sara says putting people in jail is a bad idea due to the issue with virus in confinement but supports fining people, hit them in their pocketbooks. In DC, MD up to $5000 fines, VA up to $2500 fine.

Hot Topic Kim Kartrashian

Any show with a Jenner-Kardashian-West:

Hot Topic Replace Me-again McCain™

Meghan has her rants, tho she has been consistent about the coronavirus. Just to say she is more tolerable via facetime sitting in front of her vintage US flag than she is in the studio possibly because she can't overtalk and interrupt the same way.

Ontd has March been the longest century ever?

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