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The View: Gretchen Whitmer, Jonathan Karl, Hot Topics

Panel is Whoopi, Joy, Sunny, Meghan, and Sara

Sara promotes the tiktok distance challenge. Record yourself on any platform, then tag @charlidamelio and #distancedance. The first 3M posts, P&G will make a donation to help families in need.

Hot Topic #TrumpLiesAmericansDie

Donald Dum Dum was convinced that reopening by Easter would be catastrophic. Plays clip. He thinks killing 100K Americans would be a win! Joy says he’s a narcissist who is incapable of empathy, blames everyone else for everything. Nothing will change him. Sara expected the date to be extended. We’re all trying to find a new normal in our homes. Talks about both parents at home and the kids and so on. Sunny says Dr Fauci predicting the possibility of 2M deaths is what shook him up. She recaps all his failures in handling this pandemic.

Sara doesn’t think we’ve seen the worst yet. Meghan has a rant. Her concern is that there are still people across the country not taking this seriously. What is happening in NY will occur elsewhere eventually. [having so many people by feed is awful]. Meghan drags Jarvanka as well.

Hot Topic Governor Gretchen Whitmer

Plays clip, T45 criticizing Whitmer and other Governors. GW says a lot of things about how serious it is, the PPE, # of diagnosed in MI, what she and others are doing to flatten the curve, with the fed or within the state. The enemy is not one another, the enemy is the virus. Meghan has a rant about states having to bid against each other for PPE. GW thinks we need to ramp up manufacturing in US. Global trade isn’t all bad but we need to empower our own businesses to innovate their factories to make masks, ventilators. Increase buying power. Grateful to receive masks over the weekend but one hospital goes through 10K in one shift. Sara asks about virus impact poverty stricken Detroit. GW says things about longer term strategy, then addresses short term. Sunny talks about T45 name calling and bullying. GW says her focus is on the people of the state. Has no energy on Donald Dum Dum. She’s grateful for their help (ACE), but can’t get caught up with drama. She’s talked to Pence several times. It’s going to get worse, NY and MI and other states, it’s only the beginning. People need to chip in and do their part.

Hot Topic ABC Jonathan Karl

Plays clip. T45 being a jerk again, bragging about himself. JK is promoting his new book Front Row at the Trump Show. What’s the point of press conferences if all T45 is going to do is smart off, brag, bully, lie. JK explains how baffled he is at how T45 behaves in the most basic conversations. The taunting isn’t new, he’s done that from the beginning. JK tells story being at a rally in Ft Myers FL where T45 got crowd to taunt JK and the press corp in the middle of the arena. Just prior to that JK had interviewed T45 and then goes out, 3 mins later T45 had the crowd bullying him and his fellow reporters. Joy is on her 25A kick again. JK tells another story, that Mulvaney recommended A First Rate Madness that puts forth the theory that the ‘best’ leaders are mentally ill. His supporters think he’s a genius. Egads. Sunny calls out Marco Rubio tweet [claimed media delights in reporting that US has more deaths than China]. JK says it was outrageous. The same day, a colleague had died, others diagnosed.

Meghan says blah blah. She’s mad about latest T45 claim that NY hospital staff was hoarding PPE. JK comments on the same. [He’s trash, that’s who he is]. Sara asks about T45 walking back his claims. Sunny asks about relief bill, asks about T45 refusing to comply with the Inspector General oversight. JK says he’d face legal challenge. The bill he signed is the law, not the signing statements with his claim.

Joy said T45 was on Faux & Enemies this morning, claiming he should run against Cuomo. JK says T45 knows that won’t happen, and Biden is the presumptive nominee, and it won’t be Cuomo. It’s not a serious proposition. JK said Biden will choose a woman as VP, so Cuomo won’t be on the ticket. JK first met T45 in 1994 /shows photo/ tells story. Talks about his book, reliving moments over the decades.

Ontd did you go outside and breathe fresh air today?

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