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ONTD Original: Gossip Girl cast - where are they now?

Do you ever wonder what the cast from your teenage guilty pleasure Gossip Girls are doing right now? Well, I have the answer for you, all in one place!

Penn Badgley (Dan Humphrey)

Currently plays psychopath Joe Goldberg on Netflix's "You".

Leighton Meester (Blair Waldorf)

Currently plays single mom Angie D'Amato on ABC sitcom "Single Parents".

Blake Lively (Serena van der Woodsen)

Was last seen as Stephanie Patrick in the film adaptation of "The Rhythm Section" earlier this year (the movie bombed BIG TIME). Is planning her return to television for a drama series set in New York that includes a “fashion component” which she is developing for Amazon.

Jessica Szohr (Vanessa Abrams)

Currently plays alien Talla Keyali on Hulu's (previously FOX's) "The Orville"

Chace Crawford (Nate Archibald)

Currently plays "superhero" The Deep on Amazon's "The Boys"

Kelly Rutherford (Lily van der Woodsen)

Played Claire Hotchkiss in Pretty Little Liars spinoff "The Perfectionists" last year. The show was cancelled after one season.

Taylor Momsen (Jenny Humphrey)

Still touring with her band "The Pretty Reckless".

Ed Westwick (Chuck Bass)

Played Vincent Swan in BBC comedy White Gold about UPVC salesmen in the 1980s for two season. Show was cancelled last year.

Kristen Bell (The narrator/voice of Gossip Girl)

Played Eleanor Shellstrop on NBC comedy The Good Place, which finished its 4 season run earlier this year. Also reprised her role of Veronica Mars for the 4th season on Hulu last summer. Will return to provide the voice of Gossip Girl for the reboot/continuation of Gossip Girl on HBO Max.

Matthew Settle (Rufus Humphrey)
Has not acted since 2016

source: IMDb, Google Images
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