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GameStop is at it again, continues staying open

Another day, another "GameStop is a horrible company" story. This one comes from Massachusetts, a state that has closed all nonessential businesses (which doesn't stop GS ofc).

The company provided local Boston store managers instructions via email on how they should handle business, and it's a real doozy. The company explains that no one should be allowed inside, that employees are to place a plastic bag over their hands to take the credit card payment for customers waiting outside, flip the bag over when finished, place the credit card and product purchased inside the bag, and then slightly open the door and give the customer their purchase.

A local manager who exposed the practice said it treated customers like animals. GameStop released a statement saying stores are still open to process their new curbside delivery service.

Nonessential businesses that are still open in MA face $300 fines every time they are caught violating the order.

Tags: computer / video games, covid-19, who asked for this
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