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Riverdale Roundup Quarantine Edition: Musical Episode Delayed and Mundane Cast Updates

The musical episode, Wicked Little Town, has been removed from when it was originally supposed to air (April 8) and is most likely being postponed until May Sweeps. The show was in the middle of filming it's 20th episode before shutting down due to concerns over the coronavirus and a team member coming in contact with someone who tested positive.

Overall, the CW is airing repeats of other shows in April and will most likely hold remaining new episodes for May sweeps.
[Vanessa and her Lysol Wipes Birthday Cake]Vanessa celebrated her birthday last week at home with just herself and her husband and this completely edible cake.


[Swimming Lessons Poetry Book by Lili Delayed]Lili's book of poems, Swimming Lessons, was originally going to come out May 5 but is being pushed back to the Fall during the current state of things. She also encourages people to maybe meditate or turn to something creative during this time. And if you're a fan of her poems, then don't worry, she's also taking the time to compose some new material.


[Cole Photoshoot for Elle and Possible Project with Brother Dylan]Pre-lockdown, Cole was hired by Elle for a photoshoot with additional classic Cole word salad



And he and his brother might do a "self-aware" project together in the future

[I Still Believe on VOD and KJ Hanging Out with Girlfriend]Future Best Actor/Best Song shortlist nominee on account of the lack of films in theaters, I Still Believe is now available on VOD

He and model girlfriend Clara Berry also still hang out together

[Charles Melton and His Daily IG Lives]Charles and Drew are rooming together (??), and Melton goes on IG Live every day and sometimes does workouts. This video is an example of the more mundane aspects of his constant IG Lives

[Camila Fosters a Dog]Camila mid quarantine after a close friend tested positive, posted about fostering a dog and encourages others to do so

More recently, she's posted on her IG stories about doing a puzzle and pondering shaving her legs along with her "quarantine homie"

[Text Casey]Casey has been with his family in Pennsylvania. He recently went on a walk with his siblings on a public trail and also posted a number [1 (917) 540-6055] (?!?!?) where one can text him if one wants to talk to him about anything (this is your chance, alienjive/stewie)



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