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PET POST: Quarantine Edition!

What have our favorite celebrity pets been up to while their owners are busy being literally and figuratively tone deaf?

Kate Beckinsale's iconic cat Clive is showing his ass. (Follow Kate on Instagram. She's delightful.)

Happily married It Couple™ Nick Jonas & Priyanka Chopra's dogs, Gino and Diana, are not clapping.

Lana Condor's dog, Emmy, is trying to take care of her humans.

Amanda Seyfried is trying to find a home for a sweet foster puppy.

Nacho Flay ALWAYS washes his paws after using the toilet.

Gary Fisher is a quarantine icon.

What about that weird couple from Tiger King, asks literally no one? They're raising baby ligers and swinging with their #HotNanny I guess.

Concerned about your pets? Veterinarian (and all around goodest boy) Dr. Uri Burstyn answers commonly asked questions about COVID-19. We stan.

UPDATE: Since this video was posted, a cat has tested positive in Belgium. Testing is ongoing and authorities believe the owner infected the cat. Two dogs in Hong Kong also tested positive but are asymptomatic. Jane Sykes, chief veterinary medical officer at UC Davis, says pets may be “dead-end” hosts for the virus, meaning they could become infected but cannot transmit the virus to other creatures.

Stay safe and SQUISH THAT CAT!

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Tags: bark bark bark, celebrity pets / animals, covid-19, health problems, internet celebrities, meow meow meow

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