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The View: Lisa Ling, Jason Biggs, Hot Topics

Panel is Whoopi, Sunny, Meghan, and Sara


More behind the cut

Hot Topic Coronavirus

Will humans go back to handshakes and hugging? Sara thinks of telling her kids a long ago story. Sunny is anemic so her hands are always cold and she never liked it. Meghan says that it’s a sign of universal respect, but in Japan they bow, so if it goes away, then ok. Sara jokes about curtsey-ing.

Mayors in Italy /plays clip/ threaten to send police, use flamethrowers, scream, etc. Sara tells story about coming across someone in public not following guidelines. If you’re out enough to see what others are doing, then what are you doing out. Meghan talks about people intentionally licking and coughing, they should go to jail, it should be a crime. Sunny says people are being arrested under terrorism laws. It’s your civic duty to call out people not socially distancing. Sara is afraid to cause a confrontation. Meghan talks more about stupid people doing stupid things.

Hot Topic #TrumpLiesAmericansDie

Lisa Ling joins to talk about Racist in Chief™. Says they shuttle their kids between one grandmas house to another grandmas house. Kids go from driving her nuts to her cherishing every moment. Says this will be read about in history books. Sara mentions LL insta post about T45 China racism. LL explains her perspective, felt he was deflecting attention away from his incompetence. Sunny asks more about the Asian-American fallout from his racist rhetoric. LL tells stories about her friends and their kids being taunted and harassed. National crisis hotline has shown a significant increase from the community since his remarks. Meghan talks about Chinese government, asks LL thoughts about their handling it. LL doesn’t have any love or affection for Chinese government, thinks their actions are indefensible. The doctor being arrested (and subsequently died) was unconscionable. Diverts back to T45 calling it a hoax. Not taken it seriously until Americans started dying. LL says we can blame Chinese govt for withholding info but how will that change things. America has a crisis we need to address here and now. At this point we should be asking for help now that China cases have subsided whereas America is epicenter.

Whoopi says we’ve known since January. We can blame Chinese govt but we can blame American govt too. LL says press was reporting it but T45 was gaslighting. Says health care workers were overwhelmed. She was getting comments from people who are desperate for PPE. Goes on rant about how bad it is. LL husband is a doctor, how is he holding up. LL says he doesn’t practice anymore, he works in biotech, but shares info he gets from his medical colleagues. LL doesn’t like that each state is handling things differently instead of a federal lockdown, while T45 wants to reopen by Easter. LL talks about South Korea. The way it’s going now, we’ll never get it under control, prolonged for no reason.

Hot Topic Jason Biggs and Jenny Mollen

Jason and wife Jenny talk about being in lockdown with their two young kids. They were in the apartment in NYC, was reluctant to leave, then friends offered them to come stay in their home on Long Island. Has a backyard for boys. Then NYC neighbor tested positive, so they went to that house. Meghan loves JM insta stories. JM wants her poodle mix dog to take some of the responsibility. Worries about all the mom-shaming that will come. JB is eating his way through it, mom trolled him for gaining weight. Covid19 pounds heavier, his mom said time for new spanx. His spanx undershirt is in his quarantine survival kit. JM says it’s not man spanx it’s a women spanx but he wears it anyway. Sometimes JM wonders how great it would be if JB was quarantining with his tv family. JM likes being able to text everyone she’s been trying to dodge and then pretend to plan things that can’t happen.

Hot Topic Getting Creative with Personal Milestones

Lots of people’s milestone days are getting derailed. Guy turns 21, parents set up makeshift club. Plays clip. People are being creative. Plays another clip about a child dance parade. Panel gives happy birthday shout outs to their family and friends.

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