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SVU Promo Pictures for 21x18: Finally, a Chief Garland Episode!

In these times of need, in these times of quarantine, the one thing we can rely on is Law & Order: SVU. 21 seasons, 475 episodes, and a marathon nearly everywhere you look. SVU will outlive us all, and COVID-19 is no match for Olivia Margaret Benson.

Not the show isn't somewhat affected. This season will be cut short, and will end with episode 20 (which was the last episode filmed). Also, we will not be getting a promo, at least not this week (maybe at all?) but, at least, according to the showrunner's tweets, the editors are hard at work (from home) in order to complete the remaining episodes.

So, in lieu of a promo, here are some promo pictures! (and a lengthier post! With a cut! Who am I?)

In next week's SVU episode, Chief Garland faces a dilemma when one of his friends, a pastor played by Roger Cross (yas!), is accused of something. So basically we're getting a redo of October Surprise (in which Barba faced a dilemma when one of his friends, a mayoral candidate, was accused of something). I don't know if they'll ever beat ~Enrique Trouble~, but I do know that Rick Fox and Aunjanue Ellis will also guest star, so that's something.

twitter 1, twitter 2, twitter 3

ONTD, how's quarantine treatin' ya? I hope you and your loved ones are all well, and you stay safe. I won't ask if you watched last night's new episode with John Waters, because what day is it, even? My only question is, how many episodes (or seasons, you freaks!) of SVU have you watched since this whole thing started? I love you and I leave you with an old school Barisi gif ❤️❤️❤️
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