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Liam Gallagher CONFIRMS Oasis reunion concert in aid of the NHS

-Troubled legend Liam Gallagher has confirmed that he will be going ahead with a charity concert in aid of the National Health Service with or without his brother Noel. "it'll still blow yur knickers off", Liam says.

The former Oasis star, 47, tweeted the news to fans as he once again pleaded with Noel to get involved so they could raise funds for NHS workers during the coronavirus lockdown.

It came after Liam admitted that he had cried over missing his estranged brother 'terribly,' as he once again demanded he and Noel reunite for a charity show.


When a fan pointed out that a number of followers had suggested his tweet was sarcastic, Liam hit back: 'Give a s**t what people think I’m crying I’m sad this has all brought it home how much I miss and need him for love.'

However, brothers Liam and Noel have been feuding for ten long years, and it has been well-documented in the public eye since their Oasis days, which formed in 1991. Noel posted a clip of his song Dream On on March 20, and beloved brother Liam responded on the 24th with:

What do you think of this endless brother feud? Is a reunion concert a good idea?


Tags: concert / tour dates, covid-19, music / musician

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