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Joe Jonas ‘Pampering’ Sophie Turner In Isolation

Sophie Turner gushed about her husband Joe Jonas in an Instagram pic she posted yesterday,  as they were enjoying a plate of pasta together that Mr. Jonas cooked up for them. “One of the many benefits of dating a good Italian boy,” she captioned.

Sophie & Joe are doing spectacular during this time of quarantining,” a HollywoodLife source exclusively revealed on Wednesday, March 25 about the love birds.

The source continues: “Joe is really pampering Sophie by cooking for her on the daily and doing anything she is requesting. He has been having a lot of fun doing everything for her and it has really helped with their relationship that is already in a great place. They love that they are together and not working and can be together for the whole day. They love that they are being forced to be together and are taking everything very positively. It is as fun as it can be for them right now, they aren’t pulling their hair out just yet.

Do you envy this passionate young love, ONTD?

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Tags: covid-19, jonas brothers, sophie turner

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