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Who Was The Ninth Person Voted Out On Survivor: Winners At War?

The ninth person to be voted out of Survivor: Winners At War and sent to Edge Of Extinction was...

[Spoiler (click to open)]Yul :(

The episode started with Parvati and Sandra arriving on EoE. Sandra was deeply upset that Denise betrayed her, especially since it was one of the few times she let her guard down, let her emotions decide, and was burned right after. She figured she would rather quit with her dignity than stay on longer. She raised her white flag and became the first contestant to officially leave the game.

Say what you want about her, but she truly is the Queen of Survivor imo.

On the Blue tribe, it was revealed that Michele had given one of her Fire Tokens to Wendell, as an act of good faith and to possibly move forward together. Wendell was of course being a huge asshole to Michele, and Michele decided not to bother with him anymore (yeah, sure). Yul was upset at Wendell’s actions during the previous tribal, and at his lack of any respect towards Michele. He questioned whether he should trust Wendell from this point on.

On the Red tribe, Tony wasn’t impressed with Denise’s “flashy” takeout of Sandra, but he was also aware that he was still a major threat. He tried to convince Jeremy that Denise was now a huge threat as well, but Jeremy didn’t want to change his alliances. Kim and Denise had a talk about trusting each other and moving forward with each other, and trying to take Tony out.

On the Green tribe, Adam was his usual whiny self, and began accusing everyone of having an idol. He pinpointed the wrong person, and was left on the outs again.

During the immunity challenge, the Blue tribe lost due to Wendall’s arrogance. Instead of focusing on the puzzle, he was more concerned with showing off. Yul and Nick were not happy, and came up with a plan to get Wendell out. Wendell figured Yul would be doing that, so he ran to Michele and begged for her vote.

Because the Fire Tokens are a thing now, Yul and Michele were concerned about where Wendell’s tokens would go. But then Nick and Michele thought it was dark and weird of Yul to strategize about getting those Tokens (even though Michele was the one that was worried about it to begin with). So it seemed they were in the middle, deciding if it should be Wendell or Yul. Great logic there guys; Yul, who has been nothing but loyal and logical and steady... consider voting him out over Wendell, who has been an asshole and a flake and cost them the win in the first place. Smart!

At Tribal Council, as I was in a panic over my bb Yul and watched as these idiots decided his fate, it became clear the legends and veterans of Survivor were dead in the water. Then I thought I still had Kim and Sophie, at least, from semi-classic Survivor to root for.

Yul explained how the game had changed throughout the many years, and how the old-school players may not be able to adapt as well. He also pointed out that pre-existing relationships can affect people’s votes, regardless of how things evolve in the game (obviously meaning Michele and Wendell). Michele’s and Wendell’s comments towards each other made it clear they were still going to align with each other, hence proving Yul’s very eloquent point.

Yul seemed to know he was on the chopping block, as he pleaded with them to continue trusting him.

The votes were read, and the ninth person to be voted out was my wonderful, amazing king (and my personal favourite contestant ever) Yul. :( He tossed his Fire Tokens into Sarah’s (1 token) and Sophie’s (2 tokens) bins before heading to EoE.

Asshole Wendell lives another day. Why is Michele so obsessed with aligining with him? Maybe this is a secret pre-game strategy they both came up with to fool viewers and the other contestants? Maybe they’re actually married irl? Because if not... girl... this is just sad.

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