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“One Day At A Time” Season 4 Premiere Draws Solid Numbers On Pop, TV Land

Dale! The “One Day at a Time” Season 4 premiere debuted with solid and respectable numbers. The premiere episode drew 607,000 total viewers in a simulcast on ViacomCBS cable channels Pop, TV Land and Logo.

457,000 viewers saw the premiere on the Pop sibling channel TV Land. 124,000 viewers watched it on Pop TV (formerly the TV Guide Channel) and 26,000 saw it on Logo.

There has been talks that the show may be moved to TV Land, but that it would remain on Pop for the remainder of this season.

The show also saw gains in key demos: the premiere’s half-hour rating was up 35% among adults 18-49 and 58% in women 18-49. Among women 18-34, the premiere episode was up 171% over Pop’s prior four-week average, according to Nielsen.

ODAAT also ranked as the second “Most Social Cable Comedy” with over 126k interactions across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and was the third trending topic on Twitter in the US.

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I'm so glad it lives!
oh I would have watched it on TV Land if I had known. All the celebs I follow who promoted it didn't even mention you could watch it on different channels
I got a link with the commercials included and was shocked by the number of ads per break. Haven't had cable in like 7 years but I remember there being like 3 ads per break not 6+. I think the ad times were longer than the actual episode. Other than that I actually liked the few scenes there were.


March 26 2020, 01:13:21 UTC 7 months ago Edited:  March 26 2020, 01:16:09 UTC

Right? There were so many damn commercials when I saw it for free on the Pop TV app without logging in with a television service provider. Then I remembered I had set up my dad’s DirectTV online account and logged in with that. It went from 13 ads (2 being pop tv promo ads) to 6 with a login.

Ridiculous. It felt like I saw more ads instead of a show. I can at least now catch up on Schitt’s Creek and do a binge on my Apple TV now that I installed Pop and used my dad’s login info tho. 🥴
watching it on demand right now!!! i love it, so glad it's still on!
Is still super preachy/military?
Not really. They mention Penelope's PTSD and depression from time to time, but not anything military specific.
I just watched it. For it being a premiere and the first episode, it was just okay?
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I managed to find Pop to watch this. I set it to record because I thought I would forget/wouldn't be able to find the channel again.
Is this available anywhere in Canada? I’ve searched but can’t find it.
i really wish it would dial down on some stuff, but i'm so glad it lives. even when i don't watch, or i'm not feeling it, i'm glad the show is there and want it to do well.
oops, I forgot so I'm watching it now. Is "I just love watching rich people in trouble" a gif yet? 😂
I'm glad that it's back, but I didn't love the episode for some reason. I was just kind of bored. I wish I liked Elena/Syd more because I do like Elena and have enjoyed her whole arc throughout the seasons
this is how i feel? i love elena but i don't love her relationship with syd. it's just okay
Yeah! I thought they were cute at first, and I really like Elena and Syd is fine, but I just...don't really love them together


7 months ago


7 months ago

I find Elena and Syd incredibly annoying together.


7 months ago

Deleted comment

My only complaint is that there are commercials now, lol
is there somewhere i can watch this online