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The Cheesecake Factory tells landlords it will not be paying rents on April 1

The Cheesecake Factory says it will not be able to make upcoming rent payments for any of its storefronts on April 1 because of significant loss of income due to the coronavirus crisis.

Cheesecake Factory’s affiliated restaurants, such as Rock Sugar and North Italia, will also not make April 1 rent payments.

The company's chairman and CEO David Overton released a statment. Overton said that the company had to close several restaurants and is relying on delivery/carryout orders. He said that the decrease in customers has caused a serious financial blow to the business. Overton also asked for their landlords patience and understanding. He said that they hope to be able to make their payments as soon as they can.

Tags: covid-19, food / food industry
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they're not giving their servers/bussers/bartenders paid-leave and requiring the rest of the staff to put themselves at risk by working takeout.
oof damn

this just reminds me of how I signed my new lease a few hours ago today. I get housing assistance, which pays part and the other is payed by my SSD, so I'm hoping all will be well
My boss and I were messaging early. He had a 102 fever last night. He’s talked to friends in medicine. They told him it sounds like an aggressive sinus infection. I didn’t ask for more details. Wanna be respectful.
Well, a few hours later we get an email from our office property management. Apparently someone in our building just alerted them he has it. His last day in the building was when we were there too. I feel so bad for my boss because that would FUCK with me. I took a personal day yesterday because I was feeling so overwhelmed with just the nothingness that is right now.
let's get this very important playlist going:
it's so funny to see the titles of dead kennedy songs bc the only people ik who're into them are super rich kids with $50k/mo allowances pretending they're humble hippies. maybe they saw "kill the poor" and went ah, yes, finally some representation.


March 26 2020, 00:58:00 UTC 1 week ago Edited:  March 26 2020, 00:58:15 UTC

My rental sent out an email saying... "just a reminder you can pay your rent online"

I was like fuck you! I'm going to be late anyway because I had to buy food assholes
"Just a can kiss my ass."
That’s what mine said. Fuck off!
Lmaooo yeah we just got a memo saying EVERYONE PAY UR RENT ON-LINE
category issss CHEESE.CAKE.
Bonjour comrades!


March 26 2020, 01:09:48 UTC 1 week ago Edited:  March 26 2020, 01:10:54 UTC

Tired: Billion dollar brands being quirky and ironic on Twitter to appear relatable pre-COVID-19.

Wired: Billion dollar brands refusing to pay rent (and their employees) to appear relatable in the age of COVID-19.
should I expect to see you do the "A Little Bit Alexis" dance like everyone on tiktok?
I have friends that work at Cheesecake and their store closed down a few days after ours and apparently they were told the same thing my smaller corp. restaurant told their employees which was to apply for unemployment until we hopefully open back up. I know a lot of them were upset and were passing a petition around for them to be paid for the hours lost but the fact that Cheesecake is taking a huge blow from this financially... shit.
WHALE, WHALE, WHALE. Where are all the pro-landlord people in this post who were in the Tyler Oakley post??? Huh?
The amount of people whining about how properties cost money to keep and maintain as if rent isn't paying for that plus profit for the parasite middleman.
That post was a trip.
Wild to see how many people are defensive of landlords, of all people.
they better be paying their employees still but i doubt it =/
Would not have guessed that Cheesecake Factory would be the first to crack under this stress.
Same. My local one is always busy and I assumed their no reservation policy was because of how busy they are.
they just announced they've started doing limited Yelp reservations!
i'm screaming
i wish cheesecake factory was in canada
it's at Yorkdale in Toronto! come visit
omg next time i'm in the six i definitely will!
guess that free cheesecake slice deal didn't work out like they hoped it would
My annual favorite Black Friday deal
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