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The View: Chuck Schumer, Mark Cuban, Hot Topics

Panel is Whoopi, Sunny, Sara, and Meghan


More behind the cut

Hot Topic Coronavirus

Meghan says she’s excited, they were surprised, a little bittersweet since so many people are in pain. She had trouble getting to motherhood re/miscarriage, glad to get this far, and she thanks everyone for the kind wishes. Whoopi told Meghan a year ago that she’d have a baby, and the gender, so now Meghan is freaked that Whoopi is psychic.

Pink got drunk and decided to cut her own hair.

Sara has been home with her kids, tells stories, she’s been baking and they play dressup. Sunny says her family is never slow, they’re competitive. Played basketball with her daughter, who whooped her butt in a bad way. Sunny is thinking about dying her own hair because her Beyonce blonde isn’t working out. Whoopi says make sure someone else is in the room. Pay attention to the back of your head. Panel banters about doing Sunny’s hair.

Hot Topic Pray for New York

NY is epicenter, so residents are leaving the city. Going somewhere else is not flattening the curve, you’re taking it somewhere else. Sara thinks people are sheltering somewhere else as a way of taking control in an environment where they don’t feel any. Sunny talks about NY being the hub of everything, but many are ~from somewhere else. So maybe they’re going to their original home where they have other family. Whoopi says, uh keep in mind, you could be asymptomatic then you spread it somewhere else. Meghan talks about Falwell reopening Liberty University because they’ll pray it away. Talks more about other places not as affected yet, so people go there thinking things are fine but it will catch up. Healthy sense of fear is applicable.

Hot Topic #TrumpLiesAmericansDie

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer says a lot of things about the bill. Thanks the health care workers who are working harder than everyone. Two bills, with names Martial Plan for Hospitals and Protecting Our Workers Above Corporations. Bills accomplish these things /summary. 1-more money for hospitals, 2-more money for workers, re/unemployment, length of time, furloughed to keep health care, and 3-corporate oversight and gives props to Elizabeth Warren on this element, list several details, 4-money for small businesses, and 5-money for states and localities. CS says none of this was in the bill GOP put together on Sunday. It’s not everything, but it’s better than it started, and it’s a start. Meghan complained about the back n forth delays. CS explains that Mitch is sh’t. Tells reasons they had to fight back. Sunny asks about provisions to block his family from benefitting from bailout. CS outlines that elected officials will not benefit and it’s written strongly to prevent that. Also says foreign companies won’t get loans (eg cruise lines with flagships of other countries). Sara and CS talk about the differences in this crisis to 911. Uncertainty, isolation, look after and encourage health care workers. Dum dum wants to reopen America for Easter. CS says the advice should come from health care professionals. Plus our economy would be better if we beat it, rather than prolong it.

Hot Topic Mark Cuban

MC says what worries him most is the uncertainty. We keep learning new things. Meghan asks about his thoughts on spring breakers and Gen Z not taking it seriously. MC tells stories about his teenagers and also [joking] that he’d spank his kids if they tried any nonsense. Sunny asks about his thoughts on T45. MC says he’s not a fan, but other elected officials could’ve stood up yet they didn’t. Discussion of approval ratings. MC isn’t a fan but says this and that. Normally when people are in over their head, they defer to experts. But he’s on a whole different level.

Sara asks if MC supports lower risk groups to work again. MC says nope but in more words. Sunny says people are saying ~President Cuomo but T45 drags him. MC says other things. He’s trying to talk to people who are getting things done. More talk about potential social unrest if relief to Americans doesn’t come soon. Talks about people being scared, what they might do. Also talks about those payday loan places or other who will scam people in advance of getting their government relief funds.

Meghan talks about small businesses, etc. MC gives advice to small businesses, not to let go employees before they shut down. Gives details about quick loan avenues. Anyone with < 500 people to read the legislation asap before making rash decisions for their company and their employees. Sunny asks about tests for NBA vs general public. MC gives his thoughts on that. Feels that people with risk were tested as they should’ve been.

Hot Topic Viral Moments on Social Media

Panel talks about viral moments on social media that’s been helping people cope. Meghan has been watching Tiger King. Whoopi suggest Jim Carrey’s show on Showtime.

Ontd are you on voluntary self isolation or are you on forced shelter in place?

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