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Stranger Things season 4 pushed back by corona

Stranger Things' daddy, David Harbour has revealed that Stranger Things season 4 was due to be released early next year in 2021 but will be pushed back due to COVID-19. The set has shut down for the next couple of weeks.

Taking part in an Instagram Live Q&A, the TV star, who plays the police chief and heartthrob Jim Hopper in the series, shared:

'[Season four was] supposed to come out early next year, I think, although I don't have authority on this.'
'due to all the delays, this release window is likely to be pushed back.'

Looks like fans will have to hold on a little longer to see how Hopper survived that season 3 finale.

Hopper admitted it to be a 'really bad situation' for his mental health 'to be quarantined alone' in New York and so he decided to travel to be with his girlfriend.
Last week,  he jumped on a plane from his New York home to the UK to spend time with his other half...Lily Allen, after the Stranger Things set in Atlanta was shut down.

Are you still looking forward to season 4?


Tags: covid-19, lily allen, stranger things (netflix)

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