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Ashley Graham disagrees with new COVID-19 measures on birth in hospitals

-There have been some hospitals recently who have not been allowing women to have their partners in the room with them due to COVID-19.

-Supermodel Ashley Graham posted a video on her Instagram voicing her opinion surrounding the new hospital restrictions:

'So now due to COVID-19, there are some hospitals in New York City that are not allowing mothers to have their significant others in the room while they're delivering. That means mothers will not have a support system while delivering their child.'

'I understand that hospitals have to protect their staff, they have to protect the patients, the mothers, the children and everyone else, but I really believe mothers need to have a support system, even if it's just one face they know and they trust'

The model gave birth to her son Isaac with husband Justin Ervin in January.

Do you agree with Ashley?


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OMG. This isn't a State, Local, or Nationwide policy. A few hospitals (mostly East Coast) have decided that they are either restricting all visitors or only allowing one non-rotating visitor when women give birth. Yet, people are carrying on like this is some national policy. If you are patient at one of the hospitals, then you should definitely be appealing to everyone you know to outreach to the hospital to get the policy changed to at least allow each mom to be to have one person with her in the delivery room. Celebrities making Instagram pleas isn't really effective. People need to make a direct appeal to the hospitals that have this policy.


March 26 2020, 08:13:24 UTC 1 week ago Edited:  March 26 2020, 08:28:36 UTC

I don't agree with her. I agree it's awful, it's fucking atrocious it has come to this, that those giving birth can't have the emotional support of their partners or have that experience everyone else gets to have.

but this is applying to everyone right now. and many people have to go to the hospital for scary and terrifying and life threatening necessary procedures right now and they also have to do it alone, with no support like they would have. protecting out healthcare staff and limiting exposure is 100% the priority, and in the long run it is better for the baby and the mother the LESS people are in the maternity ward all around. it's so awful, but this is what we're having to deal with right now. exceptions can't be made that aren't life and death, and having emotional support just isn't life and death.

like y'all understand that those who are in ICU or needing intensive care, or those just being admitted to the hospital for COVID-19...don't ever get to see their families? those that die, they die there alone. those that think they might die, have to think about doing all of it alone. I can NOT see comments saying "there is no more vulnerable position in a hospital than a woman giving birth" when THIS is happening. im not trivializing the severity of child birth physically or emotionally, it's AWFUL. but pregnant women are not being targeted, this is affecting everyone, and pregnant women are *not the most vulnerable in what is happening*, please spare some thoughts for some perspective.


March 26 2020, 18:43:34 UTC 1 week ago Edited:  March 26 2020, 18:44:40 UTC

Multiple people have explained that birth partners are more than just emotional support, they’re also the difference between life and death for some women. I don’t understand why you’re ignoring that.

Texas and Ohio are already using COVID19 as an excuse to close down abortion providers. Pregnant women are being targeted.
im not ignoring any of that.


March 26 2020, 18:53:48 UTC 1 week ago Edited:  March 26 2020, 18:54:01 UTC

i have a friend who's due next month (we're in nyc) and i feel so sad for her
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